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In 1978 Leon Spinks has died of cancer. He was 67 turning to the Corona virus pandemic within 27 million infection cases now confirmed in the US The efforts to get more of US vaccinated have been spotty, but more vaccine distribution mega sites are being set up in California K P I. X TVs. Wilson Walker wasn't one slowly. But surely the state's effort to distribute vaccine is picking up speed, and much of the promise lies in these large sites. Direct distribution in large numbers, with no confusion about where the vaccine is going, or how much of it is getting used Wyoming Republican sensor Congresswoman Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Donald Trump. I don't think in the long run, this will prevent her from continuing I still don't see her being Defeated in the 2022 elections Professor Jim King. This is CBS News, Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It's three minutes after one o'clock and up on Route one. The Tobin Bridge good things slowing down a little bit on the Chelsea side as you're heading up heading over a heading to the other side of that structure yesterday. Just think, slowing down a little bit. We have a work zone through there. I don't have an anchor work through this overnight. It is causing some minor delays. Traveling right now, inside the Prudential Tunnel on the mass pike heading westbound work crew there, Elaine restriction and a short delay. Otherwise, downtown's looking pretty good traveling on the expressway from Boston, right down to Braintree. Doing pretty well. Once you get down south, you're in great shape on routes. 95 24 on Route three. Continue down to the cape of card. They only have a crash, still clearing on Route six. Heading eastbound little bit before Route 1 30. In the town of Sandwich. Watch out for it. It was affecting the westbound side as well. But that's all reopened. So traveling right now out to the Western, pretty good shape. Is this still a little slow on route 2 to 90 heading westbound through the north borrow area after an earlier issue out there that should be gone in the next few minutes traveling right now on Route three.

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