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From ABC news, John Chuck Stevenson, twenty people are dead say New York state policing at the crash site of a limousine near a busy tourist spot in upstate New York overnight. The updated debts announced just in the past hour, the crash site in SCO Harry about one hundred seventy miles north of New York City this person from the area. Redeem Finnegan is on the scene cared screaming. I walked up, and I could see this large fan. Very unusual looking vehicle for out here and SCO Harry in the bushes and really wrecked. The National Transportation Safety board says its investigators are headed to the scene of that limo crash in upstate New York. Florida's governor Rick Scott says he'll declare a state of emergency as the storm system in the Atlantic should become a tropical storm by the end of today. According to forecasters, it'll be Michael computer models bringing it toward the Gulf Coast anywhere from Panama City to Gulfport Mississippi in the days ahead emergency teams working to provide relief. And hey. Haiti? After a magnitude five point nine earthquake killed at least eleven people leaving several injured one of the key votes to confirm Brett Kavanagh's is a new supreme court Justice Senator Susan Collins, Maine, Republican saying hours ago, I do not believe that Pratt cabinet was her saline. So I do believe that she was assaulted. I don't know by home, and I'm not certain when adding about Christine Blasi Ford, I found Dr ports testimony to be heart wrenching painful. Compelling, and I believe that she believes what she testified to president. Trump newly arrived at his Virginia golf club with Senator Lindsey Graham, South.

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