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I also have one just in case you were wondering. I quote. Right now he's playing better than any quarterback has ever played. He's an MVP quarterback. Said, Jaguars coach, Doug Marrone about chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes whose team will be facing on Sunday. If you were Blake Bortles, how would you feel hearing all it does is Blake Bortles Mike up last game. And apparently he'd be talking a lot of noise in a way that like spicier than I showed us eat a name on a bag baby who you are now, if you're Blake Bortles and you hear this, if you're Bortles, you know, you're not played as well as the students right that you must be aware. The factor not play that maybe you look at it and say, you offense, and that would be killing the two. I don't know. I am surprised. And I'm curious what you think about this. You don't really hear coaches go this far in talking about an opposing player. I wonder if he's trying to like light fire under his defense to let them know the magnitude of what's out there. I think there is some amount of genuine wonderment because Mahomes is this absurd, but I think it's also a lot of fluffing and ruffling. He is fluffing Mahomes because I think he's trying to do some up. Instill some sort of false confidence. Bella check likes to do that sometimes and press conferences just over complement the other team, what the ruffling he's not just trying to light a fire under Blake Bortles. He's trying to light a fire under those defensive backs defense whom he knows. Listen to stuff that is said and Jalen. Ramsey of course, would be, I think the one recipient for said flame. No, this is a fascinating magic. When you think about Jaguars, Steve is probably the best defense that's into and we talk about Jalen Ramsey and his good as he is playing quarter. Yes, he is a lot of dude, you gotta check like there is no one guy that you can really focus on the Ramsey argument against growth was if you put a corner autumn shuts down, they gotta tied in who does similar type stuff and Travis Kelsey, but you can't really put a quarter on him because somebody's gotta do tyreek hill somebody's gotta deal with Kareem hunt. I really looking forward to this, yes, entire kill's already out here saying Jalen Ramsey amount afraid of you. And I think he has an argument as good as Jalen Ramsey really fast. Next quote is celebration unnecessary. So I just let them know. Boston Bruins, star, Brad, Marchand about the Justice. He lay it on LARs Eller after Alor celebrated scoring the goal that put his team, seven win the season opener. Let's watch the celebration. See, Marsh actions were justified. That's. All right. Here we go. That's that's the Eller guy right there. He scores because a little little fist pump action. I guess this is coming off the Stanley Cup, you know, dry at any went into the same thing in front of the Bruins in way four way for way for. There merited there it is. Yeah, we got a better angle bad because this is the kind of violence that we're allowed to. You know, just act like it's okay. I do have to say the celebration in front of the bench probably shouldn't have done that. Like, I think you get to. You know, you get to enjoy yourself what you've done. He did go over there and put it up into grills. I don't know what he thought the end result from that was going to be well..

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