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Twenty two guys probably kicked to shut out of us right all all the way and in those days you know it was towards the tail end of of of fans actually getting in the ring and stuff and you know the the business was trying to amp up security and all that stuff but people were still getting cut. Batteries were getting thrown from the upper deck. You know you didn't know because we were having literally fight far. Lives stop. catch our breath for just a second regroup and here we go again. You know forgot you know. Reach through the sticking knife in you could have very easily happened There were plenty of instances of that kinda stuff. There were no metal detectors or any of that trying to get into building. It was israel. israel can be. And i'm telling you something man. I was scared to death. And when we finally got to the locker room. And we're looking around assassination other and seeing who was hurt and how bad and all that. We're all bleeding. Everybody had their head split. You know there was. You know a fingernail march down people's back where they had just reached out trying to grab you scratch to shit on it was It was one of those deals and we looked at each other. And it wasn't one of those. God damn what am i it was wide eyed and we almost died. Yeah that was the consensus. And that's a feeling. I haven't had a four are had sense and it was just but it was an angle that that launched so many angles within jim crockett promotions. What a what. A bond bonfire flamed up from that. It's going to be one of the biggest brightest spots in wrestling history. You know the the infamous promo And i'm sure we're going to get to that as we build toward star cade but hard. Toms was born out of that but Now let's hear arn anderson the same weekend that air that same episode of worldwide october twelfth nineteen eighty five. Let's see what's on orange mind. Here arn anderson david crooked it really depresses me. Dusty grows cut have the guts to stand up and be a man and defend his would say defend eggs world television title but forth and forth with davy. Crockett won't shoe an anti russell. World recognize me world television champion and this is officially my first title defense right now i lay. You heard it from iron addison. He says he is the world television champion. And not dusty. Rhodes i think dusty. Rhodes we'll have something to say about that. He's going to the ring now entering the ring. Aren't addison again by the national. Tag.

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