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They'll watch it but they their life is not watching to our anything like nothing. It's it's six minutes. It's a youtube thing or tick talk video like they have. No when i was my daughter's age you know like i could go. I could watch. The godfather could watch two and a half hours. I could watch once upon a time in america but like you know her. It's like well you know. I it's you know it's four minutes of Whatever dream or knowing orange. it's like all right. I think thirty years from now we're going to be slipped so different. It's interesting attention. Spans have dropped and also to cultural literacy. I guess you'd call it correct. Well we're roughly the same as when we were kids. We we might not have watched if we knew who say. Wc fields where the grow the marx brothers soon chaplain. We might not have been familiar. Their their the whole movie out. Yeah what do you call filmography. Whatever cognizant who were these kids don't who the fuck and beatles where they don't know who jim marson was. They don't know who anybody was. And it's like it's kind of sad and it's not. It's almost not the focus. They've grown up with the phone. They hand for twenty years. And it's almost like the inadvertent narcissist like it's not their fault. The world revolves around because that's how they were raised. It's kind of. It's kind of really. I hate to sound like i'm all like i think for me. Music like i get it from my driveway. My dad like would go sees parents sometimes on the weekend down. Cape would listen to all these one zero three. And i'd hear the beatles and the righteous brothers. And sam cooke and curious about those guys. And i knew for springsteen he was influenced by those guys. I look at that but like kids these days. And i know i'm an old man but i have kids so i have some experience. They don't really have like favorite musical artists. They just like sorta songs and memes. And tick tock so. They're not going to dig into the stuff and i don't know if it's good or bad but you're right that's what it is like. Like my kids know bruce springsteen because of me if they had a different dad and they dad did like springsteen they would. They wouldn't even know his name. They wouldn't don't neil young today. It's just it's i don't know what that means but it's i it's it is strange for me But again i'm old. So yeah i am too i you know. I don't have kids so at the end of the day. It probably has too much for me but yeah it feels like there's something get lost with kids. Just don't care. And i mean that's just. The technology changes everything but actually one more movie. I just thought of another foreign. And i'm not like johnny domoling looking you. It's it's called. it's called back arale. It's b. a. C. you aren you heard of this correct should have probably got a nominee nomination last year actually came out in two thousand nine hundred but i don't think it came out in north america because it was still eligible for the most recent oscars and basically the the beginning of the movies are woman goes doctor brazilian village to for grandmother's funeral. Right and a bunch of odd things that happened. And that's all i'll leave it at that but it's like it's a movie it feels like a mash up of like five different genres of like movie. That going on another one that blew me away. It was like movie. I couldn't even read describe it but highly recommended it. If you're gonna spent four bucks in rented good flick. I was talking my buddy june the other day. He's big movie to and he asked me if you could if you could just pick one director to watch their next five movies who would it be o. That's that's a good one. You only get thirty. You get their next five movies. You can't watch anybody else's boots you get. One is is a pt anderson fincher. Is somebody else know what i mean. Well it's this is a two for one because you have to. But the i'd say the collins collins. Yeah yeah i think it's still at the top of their game or at least capable in the next five movies of having two or three masterpieces of the next five whereas you may not feel the same about two of the legends. Like spielberg scorsese tool. Yeah but i think they're calling. I think there's still capable what's happening. It wasn't the last five so louis. Louis davis right Yeah davis all that. I that ballot about bus disgruntled. I didn't like There's no country within their last five. I it might put on my phone right now. For some reason kalat so getting one true. Maybe who's the one of them gets listed as director and one of them. You know how they do that. I hear it. Here's the last five ballot. A bus describes hail caesar up with hill caesar. I wasn't crazy about low. Davis i really i. I like true grit a serious man. Seriously which i loved. Yeah so. I mean that's pretty. You know pretty good. I think like i said if they produce at that level put the next movie is all rose the next movies with denzel washington in princeton dorm. And i think it's just one of them. I think they're working together on fritz. Victoria's husband whichever one is. Yeah i i still even even get off his blood simple right there i move. That's on each max. If you wanna check it out and listening their career is their career is like sneaky. Unbelievable like raising arizona one of the greats fargo lebowski is even Jesus i'm blanking. I like the one with dillybob thornton. Gandolfini oh the man who wasn't yeah. That's probably one of the most underrated movies i put. It's funny..

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