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Eight thirty to answer your questions on question two we look forward who calling in or taxing wlob made news morning weekdays replays for politics in may oh yeah we got tax reform in july i want to get too much into the we join this stuff but i would have done some things differently but hey i'm not sure when the ways and means the mid so you know finance me but it is a big step in the right direction especially when it comes with corporate tax you'll get into all that as well jeff sessions actually rejected a proposed meeting between bruton and donald trump by this george stephanopoulos gun we'll tell you about that joe and alongside the big news of the gop tax reform we got a big big company moving back to the united states and i love the ceos made it was like one of those who juicing made up you know like yellow river by ip free and we'll tell you about at one eight hundred six one a bill that you want.

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