A highlight from The Playmaker goes off on Dak's injury and Jimmy Johnson's HOF induction


It is the doomsday podcast. And ed has returned from oxnard. His second trip out there and we're going to talk a lot about his observations as the day unfolds. But ed ira. We're going to begin today with with a guy that you've covered for many years. And i got to know three point three. Espn when he was a host their and our both fringe with the great michael urban and has a unique. Take on everything. And i think folks are going to enjoy today. Not only what he says about dact but his reflections on jimmy johnson. I think are just priceless because it extremely early age before we knew anything about a hall of that's when jimmy came into his life in was with him for an extremely important amount of time for about seven years and i think i thought he was interesting in expressing some level of skepticism about how forthcoming the cowboys are being about. Dak shoulder injury some of the observations. He made him go through drills about his mobility coming off. The you know the dislocated ankle and leg fracture that required two surgeries and limited them to five games last season. And then like you said. He's talking he he talked about drew pearson going into the hall of fame as somebody who wore number eighty eight in his honor to some degree created that legacy that we're seeing now talked about cv lamb and his impression of what he saw from him in camp and what the cowboys might be up to at that position this year and then of course the ultimate ending was his response to what would have happened in dallas. If jimmy johnson had not left after winning back to back super bowls. And who do you hold responsible for that intriguing stuff from the playmaker. It is Very let's get right to it frito if you

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