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Halloween run but when you heard about billy kennedy was the first thing he thought because for me that's what was in my head was the the halloween wanna get homeless and just it's just amazing louisiana he's he's still pretty well no somebody played in college since nineteen fifty nine i think he's he's come back a lot in recent years for various reunions and is under number twenty being hung up on the stadium and skiing a few years program a lot he's owners live in sherwood forest and in baton rouge has another huddle had saint francis ville but he stayed close to the and he's he's very popular i think people respected uk's he messed up this time you came back and don't make something of himself a game so i think people respect that glen i think if you fifty years and older for sure i know my dad my dad was like it didn't matter what lsu running back they had any future whether it was charles alexander and then i play with downhill you'd i'm just naming a couple of guys and then when you got lennon for net and i remember my dad you know obviously you know you always reflect on when you're in school and obviously winning a national championship he won the heisman trophy and he'd say yeah and let it for nets glenn you hear from a lot of older folks especially and when made it special also when you look back in the day is that pre steroids he could bench four hundred pounds he actually weightlifting jimmy taylor said that and then here's a guy who can run with the best one hundred yard dash instead of hundred meter but that also could go in the shot put competitions i think that's what a lot of people don't realize what he was able to do and how diversified he was being a two way player lsu kinda like against him and johnny robinson not too many players on that type of level request you know he's famous for the halloween wrong but after the run wholeness drove down at the goal line and billy cannon was playing linebacker defensive back in the system in a goal line stand and he also i didn't realize this was looking into stacks today he threw over twenty passes in his career a lot of people ran the half back.

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