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The links there and join the community went off as you could imagine the Australian Grand Prix. People were meeting up, which is good to say. Oh, that's good. The community. Yes. It's the right place to do it. I didn't even factor that into my own planning. If anyone stared at me, I just briskly walked past, but oh, that's nice that that happened. And it was nice that the annual Grand Prix tradition of let's check a AFL goons on a football player continued. Valtteri bought us in a Richmond top was, oh, I was a bit I hadn't slept well in the later to the grand prayer I'll be honest, then that just confused me. But I enjoyed it, to be honest. And you thought Melbourne wasn't back before that. Now, this is real. This is Melvin now. Footballers. Formula One drivers playing football for no apparent reason is Melbourne absolutely. I'm impressed that he played because the last time he did it when he was a driver with I want to say north Melbourne. He heard his back and withdrew from the Australian Grand Prix. Remember that year? 20 what year was Albert in court? It was that year. The same year he did a Vanguard took several of the Supreme Court. I was 1514. One of these. And he heard he's back. Remember, I'm pretty sure it was the same year. He meant Felipe Massa would try to do species. We are to remember that story. Yeah, and he was true and it would have been Pascal villain. Antonio, do you have an answer, maybe? That's the other thing. That's too long ago. He did. That was definitely. I was in the basics here. That's strange. But he got over his fees and football? Yes. Enough that he donned the full singlet as people FSA's clause. And a lot to have to wait with. Yes. On this back to the subject at hand and yes, people were enjoying seeing the F one football crossover because there is a difference between the two. I did enjoy the fact that RPM RPM theme song. Remember that RPM thing? Yeah, yeah, yeah. He got the composed by Liz gock. What? Yes. That's a very good question. Do you know what happened? So remember our good friend standing down. Yes. Because he has nothing else going on in his life. He's a man of leisure. And one evening we decided we're going to crack the code. We were like, we're going to find out. We need to get a copy of the song to the point where he set up his own Twitter account. And what is it at Bill Woods? What's the name of the do you know who composed the RPM fave song and to Bill Woods credit? He replied, very promptly. And said, I don't have a copy of it however I know that Les gock composers. Wow. And that's all I can help you with. And then Dan tried to sort of call channel ten reception and they hung up on him. That's fair. Well, what a beautiful round circled story this is because that's been on heavier rotation. As is? Yes, in the Discord channel, absolutely. Do you remember how long we spent trying to find the Franco console theme? Yes. Equivalent of it. Yes, we found something very hard. It takes a long time, but these are the things that bind us things. So it's important. It was a legal end that got ram. Someone mentioned, if only they knew that you could just very bad behavior. That wouldn't be a box of news. That's not a problem. I read the reserve drives this way. It's very nice boys. Yes. I want to start a feud. I wish they'd tell their listeners to stop ramming little hands. Yes. Come on. Come on, guys. Lift. Ted Kravitz and Brad Johnson separated at birth. That is a good one. There's a very good photo doing that. Right, Johnson. Child? My little daughter, I can't remember which. Garlic Carter. Really? Yes. That's interesting. It's in the biz. So you're saying theoretically, Ted Kravitz could report on Brad Johnson's saddle. One day, one day, day to Drake. And finally, I couldn't help but notice the people, of course, talking about how they're watching the race. Matt walker posted a photo saying that it was encouragement for him to start moving stuff around his house. Great photo he's posted of his television extremely precariously placed on the edge of his cabinet. It's not otherwise interesting content. Yes. But I found it extremely engaging because it made me sweat. TV looked like it was going to fall over. So I encourage you to all go and check out the Discord channel. Plenty of stuff going on there. They were meet ups. They may well, in fact, be more made ups. And if nothing else, you can go and listen to the classic piece of music, the RPM theme song. Box of naturals on all the usuals, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, parlor, wiki feet everywhere that you can find good podcasts, social media pages, and listen wherever you find good podcasts. Spotify. A car radio. Apple music, I think it is now. Maybe it's Apple podcasts, it's a separate app that broken out from iTunes. That was the Australian Grand Prix review. It's sad to say that, in fact, isn't it? Oh, it's quite classy. If I wanted to. It finally got done. Sense of closure. With that stupid 2020 sort of malarkey. No longer is it so fast? Let's have zoom drinks anymore. This was just like, let's ram. Thousands of people. Into the track invasion after the after the Grand Prix. So it was nice that that chapter would close, and it was nice that I think it was almost the case of it was kind of good. The Australian Grand Prix to sort of be on the bench for a couple of years because I think it made local city realize how importance it is. And it was good to say, sorry, I think it was very much running price. And hopefully, we only have to wait another 360 odd days until the next one. Yes, hopefully that is all of these, maybe a little bit less, you know, it's very straight out of the seat. Let's bring back traditions absolutely what a great weekend it was. 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