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Dot com for any thoughts on our shows and what we talk about any thoughts on anything going on in pro wrestling and just topic suggestions or you can push back on my opinion or others. We debates and different points of view on this show which aired originally on august thirtieth twenty. Eleven we're not only talking about cnn. Punks promo fail. One might say it was gag. Juicing you'll see why said that listen or maybe you remember. Also we talk more about the raw super super show from the night. Before including leeches announced return to the rain. We took live calls throughout the show talking about the potential smackdown. Going live on tuesdays the pros and cons of moving the show and going live the n. w. o. Reforming dolf ziglar early reviews of del sigler's rise. He had a matching us randy. And we talked about that. I talked about different people in. Wwe who were high end sigler's potential less. Maybe the next shawn. Michaels pat patterson among those who were pushing for him when i hung out with. Pat patterson Ten years ago after a wwe show and had some drinks just talked old old minnesota wrestling spent a lotta time in the awa. He also really liked talking about doll siegler. He was A big proponent of adult getting pushed so i allude to that to on the show and also in the previously. vip exclusive after show. We talk more about raw. And also the previous week's tna impact such a different world when tna an hour away for of the the be topic and it was just table scraps in terms of time dedicated and interest After wwe talk and boys at a different landscape now impact. Still there still there. We still talk about him on occasion but aws just just dominating The new cycle compared to anyone other than wwe and they obviously is having trouble keeping up with Being the a topic a lot of weeks this week no matter what. Aws a topic all right. So let's do it here. We go with our show again. This originally livestream on august.

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