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For the naming rights with the digital personal finance company so fi is expected to be the richest in NFL history the stadium set to open next summer. getting in front of the along which police station for a third weekend they are really upset about this dog that was left in a hot car part of their canine unit the protesters want answers over the death of a police dog named Ozzie Ozzie died in mid August from heat stroke after being left inside a police car while both he and his handler were off duty or or you know and no animal should die that we don't want to die that way around that Alex Armstrong is one of the protest organizers nothing makes sense there's so many unanswered questions Long Beach police are conducting an internal investigation into Ozzy's death we would really like a third party investigation into what happened to all of the instead of just having and an internal investigation police say they don't know when the investigation will be completed Emily Valdez Kate extend seventy newsradio five eighteen groups that advocate for seniors are urging the governor to sign a bill all they say is designed to lower the cost of prescription medications aimed at ending a practice of what they call pay for delay in which companies that develop brand name drugs pay competitors not to produce the generics that cost less was passed in a bipartisan vote by state lawmakers last week and is strongly supported by the state's attorney John provision bow pack with bales of marijuana found over the weekend abandoned in Malibu nobody's been arrested because god says about was found on the beach inside they found forty one bales of pot about six hundred pounds worth helicopter search for the people who might about on there was unsuccessful some so called Latino voter rights groups are suing the city of Carson for allegedly violating states voting rights act lawsuit from the southwest voter registration education project comes after three members of the city council put a demographer's work on hold to drop some new council maps of the mayor of Carson says he's sought stunned by the decision I didn't. I'll also words to try to explain my shock and dismay at what is happening here the lawsuit claims the current system of electing city council members in courage's illegal racially polarized voting more self driving cars are on the public roads as the technology improves but despite the concern about safety almost three quarters in California say they would support a dedicated highway lane for on automated car or truck this according to the survey taken by the autonomous vehicles California that is a public Abbas advocacy group for those self driving cars five twenty again. oil prices of jump by levels not seen in decades after the attack on a Saudi oil facility has reduced the global supply.

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