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Father this story covers two lives a father and his daughter into pads a killer and a victim I'm Laurin right to check out and this is happy face I got a phone call you guys were in bad I got a phone call and this guy gets on the phone and he says I know where you're at you're in the kitchen and you're wearing this I was petrified oh my god so I close the door to the kids room and turned off all like because I didn't want him to know where I was that whoever called me knew exactly where I was in the house and he knew exactly what I was wearing so I knew he can see me from wherever he was so I turn the lights off and I called nine one nine and they said well if they haven't an interesting there's nothing we can do it all yourself comforting yeah the fortunate thing for me is I was babysitting my sister's docks and I was sitting on the council is that only god lord if you take me if he kills me to some of my kids find me in the morning please find me and I sat next to me I can see the door handle turning and the list do you think that's something he said he did he states that he hired someone how did you know that it was him that was trying to put a hand on you was the only.

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