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The best behind the defense. You can't argue that. No, I don't think you can. Listen, you're seeing it now, right? I mean, how good they've been has been a surprise to me to some degree, but the culture is still there. Like that's the thing that I think rob is the difference right now between Texas and Texas tech. Like Texas, there's no culture yet, right? There's still a bunch of guys that came over that honestly, hadn't won anywhere. Here they've won. So they still got, and like you said, the three star guys, even the second tier transfers, probably fit better. Like, Bryson Williams fits better here. I mean, listen, Rodney Terry coached him. And he didn't take him to Texas. So he gets better here than maybe a Marcus car, some of those other guys rob the Texas was able to relay that we thought were the elite level transfers, right? I just think that the toughness level between the two teams is diamond close. I mean, Texas, you watch them play. I don't trust them with any lead. They could be up 30 points, and it's like, well, this is not over. Whereas when you watch Texas tech go to Kansas and playing that, I know they lose, but I mean, they are tough, they compete, you go into an environment like that and I don't feel house. I mean it's culture is the word. I totally agree with Jeff and both of you guys. I just think it's fascinating that Mark Adams and Jeff, you need to tone to this. What did you think? Well, the higher when it was made? I didn't like it. I didn't like to hire because again, like you said, I didn't think he'd have the charisma to be able to recruit. Like I knew he could, their defense was based on him. But I thought at 60, what is the 65 now? He was 64 years old. I'm never a proponent of hiring a guy when there's in their mid 60s for the first job. I'm not. And I'm old. But I would say the biggest question I have was could he recruit a high level, but the transfer portal has changed to me. And you kept enough good players, although the craziest part of all this is like Shannon has been hurt. Mcculler has been hurt and hasn't been what we thought they'd be, right? Both those guys, he's doing it without them being anything close to a 100%. That's if Kyler Edwards has stayed. Cholera Edwards is balling at Houston. If he was still around, I mean, he's having a great year, but you're right. He's done a great job of keeping the main nucleus outside of Edwards intact, brand tarantula that fit, and they just guard their ass off. They're a joy to watch. I love watching Texas tech, but I can't say the same about the text long ones. So what was it like last night here? I mean, it was awesome. You guys are hungry. So I was going to bring some beer, but you know, I can't even do that with freshman raw. Providing for minors. But I don't need that. We don't need that in my resume. What was it like last night? It was so high level donor hold up in that they whatever that is. Yeah, that was crazy. Charlie, I think you organize all the stuff that's here today. But it began to camp out with us. Had football coach came about tacos and the whole team can not give up. And we had a four star crew. I decided to do that. Yeah. The need for useless game. That's pretty good, right? We've been fooled this entire topic. There's actually a GoFundMe. That's all right. And I gave a hundred bucks to me. $13,000. Thank you for your dash. You know, I beat your chest, Jeff. Hundred bucks, baby. I give a hundred bucks to it. Why not? Listen. If we have been students now, again, home or you were too cool for this kid. I mean, you were done that on the team. You want to give a heart? Do you want to give it a hundred bucks? I didn't even know there was one. Yeah, I'm gonna send you the link. I'm gonna send you a link. You can help me. You can give 200. I know what you make. Okay. Okay. Graduate here. Wow. How about that? So we give 6000 homework. Can you beat that? I don't know. I don't know if I got that kind of course. He probably would. But that's the stack. I don't think it's happened, right? I know. We got somebody else coming in the tent now. This is our friend. How you doing? You want to come on a podcast? Sure. What are you bringing? Chick-fil-A? Where's it from? All right. Rolls college. Cool. What's your name? Yes. Leah, all right, you got to speak up later. So hold on. Leah, how are you? Before you before you start, I want to ask you, what do you think of Chris beard? See, I like that swab, but I'm not really into the. I don't know details, so I just kind of go with these two boys say. We know what they say about Chris. What are you going to the game? So when he comes out, what do you think you're going to do when you first see him come out on the floor? Do you think you're going to hear you think you're going to boo? You think you're going to yell all sorts of bad shit out of them? What do you think you need to do? I don't think it'll be good. What percentage of the people in there do you think are going to cheer for Chris beard tomorrow? Less than 1%. Wow. I think that's hot. I think it'll be zero. I really do. Are you guys scared of what is going to happen? I've seen some bad stuff happen in arenas when this. And that's the one thing I don't want to see. Right. Right. It's herbal. Yep. We're obviously. That's going to happen. You hear that problem? The physical they do not conduct. You got to keep it. Rob rob got one of your verbal back in the day. I don't know if you know rob rob's almost 40 now. So come on, I'm not looking for you. That's a lot. He's 32. He's a star for him. He's an all American NBA. And he had two 20. Literally pretty would have won the whole thing if he had stayed healthy. They would have won the national title. And so people should be yelled at him when he came back from the second turn ACL. Here we go to Indiana. What would they yell up? Well, they were the whole arena was standing in ACL, which, you know, is like, whatever. The worst is at Michigan state. She can stay with these kids were young. They hope I blew my knee out again. So, Mike, actually, my coch heard it. He was yelling back at him. We're losing about like 30. So I'm sure talking there's always thrilled that in his postgame they were talking about two students that were yelling at that stuff and not about their win. But yeah, I agree with you guys. As long as it's not like, as long as it's not physical and it's just saying stuff is fair game. Rob, can we get you on a little tour of the tent? Yeah, please. The cribs. Cribs and whatever greater vote. This person Ted rob. It's a 6 person ten. Is there anything in here that can not be filmed? Before I show anybody you're good? All right. With homo with his apartment, I had to be careful. Years ago, I went and only because our furniture was so embarrassing. We didn't have any money. It was a dome. You know, we just cleaned it. They cleaned it. Look at this. So we got, can you see this rough? I see the entrance. Yep, snacks. Doritos. Cupcakes? A basketball, some cupcakes. We got some hand warmers in that Walmart. And the Walmart factors from him weren't. Okay. One, two, how many beds? What do you got here? So you're gonna fit. We do rotation. So not everyone spends a night. So there's two people in here at once. Probably about three or four. Three or four people in here. What's the what's the temperature going to be tonight? It gets cold at night. Right? Shit. I mean, it's beautiful right now, but it's down in the 20s, right? 25, rob. They tougher than you. You would have made a ten minute no. You guys, what do you guys do for heat? Is there like a you guys got a heater? No heater. So we actually from the are you allowed to do? We got space. We had the second year..

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