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Thirty five a forty five degree is pretty nice day all things considered right now Aberdeen twenty degrees Annapolis twenty eight Ensembl or twenty nine degrees on the morning drive all the way George Conway is now reeling against the Senate GOP you are Mister Kelly Conway what a tool our time not for Sean Hannity's morning update I brought your morning Cup of Sean this is morning how about war so they could shove the new green deal down our throats ninety four trillion in ten years right does anybody have a calculator and a half because help them out but there's ninety we only taken four trillion a year or thereabouts at forty trillion ninety four trillion all we can't afford it and Medicare for all fifty two trillion we can't even afford that and that's given every penny they take into Medicare for all with no defense no other programs their lives for their power back they just had power they added thirty million Americans oppose stance eight million warm poverty the lows labor participation rate since the seventies and the worst recovery since the forties the service under later today talk radio six eighty W. C. B. M. airplane you had a fifty percent chance of crashing you may be right in that plane right now if you have your money in a four one K. or IRA and you plan to take out the recommended percentage each year when you retire your chance of running out of money is fifty percent fifty percent but there's a better and safer way to secure your income.

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