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Nine to five eleven twenty for the most part will really talk about anything that you want to get off your chest as we get to the weekend. But if it's too goofy our producer Mike over there. We'll say you're too goofy. Say it just like that. He said, no, you're perfect. But I wanted to start with this article. You just heard Brad bringing up in the news for Saint Louis officers indicted for civil rights violations, obstruction of Justice, and I wanted to go over this article, I came away dot com a couple of pressures for that too. 'cause all the news agencies are covering this right now. So here's what happened in. You can find the story now if you wanna follow along online for Saint Louis police officers indicted by a federal grand jury, that's the key here. A federal grand jury accused of beating an undercover city officer during the Jason Stockley demonstrations. So this is another instance where the city just like, Ferguson, if you remember the handed over the fads, there was some okay was things handled properly or not properly here, air colder. Overseeing that at the time. We're going back to the Obama administration. We've seen things happen here where they say to the feds. Okay. It's probably better. If we make sure we're doing this all right and proper, so they're doing everything they can to do this. Right. So he handed over the fence to get the grand jury. There's four officers. Accused of wrongdoing and their names have been released. Here's the press release that came out a federal investigation was initiated in her department was fully cooperative. The investigation cumulated this week with an announcement of indictments of those involved listed below who had been placed on administrative leave without pay Dustin Boone thirty five year old male two years of service daily Coletta twenty five year old female one and a half years of service. Randy Hayes, thirty one year old male eight years of service. Christopher Myers Twenty-seven-year-old male three years of service. And part of this statement from chief Hayden, I am deeply disappointed in the allegations action the alleged actions of these individual officers, however, it is no way reflective of the hard, work and dedication exhibited by the men and women of our department who serve the community on a daily basis with integrity and honor. This is where it gets. And I look at stories like this in people automatically brand Saint Louis police as race. They do all of these things because you know, everything's racially motivated and they're doing they're always out there hassling. They're always out there. There's so much distrust for police, I don't think what happened here number one represents the Saint Louis police, but number two. What I'm looking at in fact, that there is an indictment that there was a federal investigation shows that they have been doing things proper for the critics of the Saint Louis police department that thing all they do is go around, and it's a giant, you know, mob, and you know, everyone's covering for each other. And there's this and that when you have instances like this where it involves police officers and other police officers because one of the people that brought up this complaint was an undercover police officer who has only named by their initials, it goes to show you that the proper procedures do happen inside the Saint Louis police department. It goes to show you that they go the extra effort to make sure things were done properly. I think this should be proof for the people that look at this not as a way to condemn the Saint Louis police department, but to say, well, maybe they are doing things the way they're supposed to maybe when there are complaints. They take him seriously. Maybe when there are very serious allegations. They rise to the level of the fads in. They let them do it to make sure there is no no apparent. Any improper way that the department has conducted themselves. So you can find this at Molex dot com. And I don't think this will satisfy anyone I think the critics are going to use this as justification is say they've always been right? I think they're gonna point at this report. And they'll say see this goes to show you this happens all the time c c c they finally got caught. They just just this time. They got caught all the other times. They didn't too bad. They all the so this is what they'll point at. But what I'm going to say as a defense here is that this shows the system is working for the Saint Louis police department and chief Hayden is showing that they're not allowing these sort of incidences to happen under their watch also shows that they're going to go through the proper channels to make sure if there is something improper that what they're going to do is correct. And make sure that people are held accountable. And I think that's what we should ask of any police department. What do you think though, three one four four three six seventy nine hundred or eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty. So the victim was a twenty two year old veteran department dressed as a civilian among the protesters to recording document any criminal activity that he might see the arrested officers accused of violating the undercover officers constitutional, right by unreasonable force throwing him to the ground and kicking his striking him while he was not posing a threat to anyone. I do know that when there is protests, and there are people that are violent around you. Sometimes you're grouped in with them in associated with them. And even though police officers are out there and getting pelted with rocks in urine bombs, and whatever they're becoming targets in. They don't exactly know. Who's throwing what and doing what? Sometimes they make mistakes. And it's important that if there are mistakes there looked into and they are held accountable for those mistakes. I think the portion of mishandling the officers could have looked at that. And said this was a mistake. But then they went a step further. According to this indictment. They tried to cover it up, and they tried to get rid of evidence, which was a cell phone. That was a major mistake. And that was a huge reason why I think the penalties are going to be so severe for them. Three one four four three six seventy nine hundred. I want to get a little bit more into that coming up, and if you want to sound off on this too. So when these protests happened, and I've witnessed them, and I've watched them outside my window. We saw a lot of it here right through downtown Saint Louis right outside of our building. I walked into the parking garage in witnessed the staging area. Where police were watching protesters. I've witnessed protesters walk down are very street as they went from the police headquarters to the downtown area. And I witnessed some interesting things I witnessed some of the protesters actually moving barricades to make sure that no one gets hurt. Like they were when they were crossing a street. They wanted to make sure no car was gonna come and collide with them. And you know, they're they're being really smart in the way they were traveling on escort. And of course, I watched protesters from the same window. Go down yelling terrible slurs at the police and throw things at them. And I've seen the police use great restraint. I've seen. Both sides of this right from the same window. It's a crazy time when you see these protests. It's unpredictable times things that you cannot defend is if you try to cover this up, you try to lie in you tried to remove evidence, or delete whatever and destroy evidence. That's a that's a huge huge red flag in that some of the evidence that they found in this case. All right, three one four four three six seventy nine hundred it's overnight America camel accident, the.

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