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A Western one sports dot com For more details. It's Sunday night football. It's on West would want They let Jamis Winston throw a pass here on third and seven. First action that he has seen into New Orleans uniform. This year. He fakes a handoff will throw its an easy pitch. Catch the Burton Burton has the first down along the left sideline before he's chucked out of bounds around the 45. Little pitching kept there from Jamis Winston High Percentage stroll fullback coming out of the backfield again in that shorter Pick up position. Third medium Just has to get that ball thrown out of his hands on time out in the front of his receiver. Burton does a nice job of securing catch getting upfield for the first time. For 22 left in the fourth quarter. Again. Smith goes in motion out to the left hand off, and it's gonna be a short game one, maybe two that time for Dwayne Washington. We saw Alban Camaro, Octavius Murray and now Washington compare, and Murray really didn't have to do much heavy lifting tonight. I talked about it back in the first half with Amira you you mentioned earlier that he had five catches in this game was for 10 yards, but the four previous that he had to that last one went for zero. He had four catches for zero yards up until that last one. It ended up catching for 10 yards but again Five catches in this game. Actually, they have updated the numbers for nine yards would not have seen 38 3 game with him Having those numbers. Here's some movement and this might be against Tampa again. I think it's William Gholston. Five yard penalty second down, it is William Gholston on he's coming off for the next play. By the way. Tom Brady those three interceptions first time Since week three of 2011 30 for 31 loss of Buffalo scored 31 point game here. They scored three points down 35. Mormon Saints 12 different players have caught the ball in this dominant performance Famous wasted on Second Corps takes the snap hands it off against Washington, but nothing their base defense out of the line of scrimmage that time. Michael Burton on that previous first down reception Got that number upto 12 in this game, every skill position liquor outside of Dwayne Washington that's been active has caught a pass. I was just going to say that or we're going to see Washington catch a screen here out of the backfield or something down in four. It's also going to be the fifth straight time in New Orleans. He's beaten Tampa in this series. Two teams have never met in the postseason played 58 times down the regular season. I formation Jamis Winston takes the snap turns around, hands it off up the middle. First down game Lactaid Ius. Murray comes back in thought his night might be done, but it is not As he picks up the first down for the safe. We'll get one more. Stop it. We'll have to run one more play before we get the two minute warning, But it looks like New Orleans will be able to take this thing all the way down. Cap this game off offensively, continuing they got their second offensive line and they're to they're still able to run the football. Carrie went to 33 yard line of the right half. Again. It's I formation, this time with Washington dotting the I. Washington gets to carry off the left side down inside the 30 brought down around 28 27. And that will indeed, Linus down to the two minute warning here in Tampa with the score. New Orleans 38. Tampa Just three You're listening to Sunday night football on Westwood War. Feeling great starts.

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