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And the band hates it man. They absolutely hate what they're listening to. What is this that we're listening to. You know because it wasn't there in that wasn't what they envisioned if they all of his mastering they had all everything he put into it the arrangements they hit the trump the head everything. They hated everything. Like this is not at all we had mon. So then they become completely unruly and we demand to be done. And he's going to do it. I'm not going to change things. This is out his albums going to be. This is the order of the songs. It's going to be this way like you talk about where he was like. We're not having near god into your rhetoric. Your record company sent me a check in a mandate and i got the cash. The check in i'm gonna follow mandate and that's the end of it. Sorry the ironic thing is years later. They went back and realize that there was a wiring issue when they mastered this in the recording senate very tinny okay and so then they realize the polarity was off who or the channels they reverse the polarity and suddenly. The album sounds incredible. And that's the version that you and our listening to that's the remastered. We're gonna listen to you in so after. Andy partridge being such a dick about all. this stuff. Turns out he was right. He was right. Yeah to be wrong about the arrangements and the order was right about the fact that sounded bet in todd. Rundgren was so adamant about this. That even the record company goes kind of thin and he just quit. He's like fine. You guys finish it. And so they had somebody come in and finish the mastery. That's crazy. yeah they go home to back to swindon. They go back to britain and they start telling her body. That was the worst shit ever. It's going to suck. It's gonna absolute suck. They had a couple of singles that hit and they told her by. This is gonna suck and those singles did flop they did. They didn't go anywhere they didn't know they even tried it in the us But in britain they flopped and they were they were spent. I think they released grass was one of the singles and it just like people change. The channel didn't get yeah In so it wasn't until a believe it was in florida. A college radio station gets grass. That had the b. side of dear god right and goes wow. This is really really out there. We're going to spend this of care about grasp but we'll go ahead and spend besides yeah and so Man they put that in people around the went crazy so they started playing it in like a virus it just kind of took off and what a fantastic thing from that time period though. The b-side is lisa. Because i can remember buying you know. We didn't have enough money for the whole tape. Apia pop on down to your local sound warehouse target and shell out the two or three bucks for the single of the song you wanted and you never knew what was going to be on the other side and sometimes it sucked sometimes. It was great and sometimes you went and bought the album and whatever was on. The b side wasn't on the album. Yeah that's right you know it's like this is. Where did this random song come from. It's like the song ferry just like. Should i had no idea how this worked. But if once again in streaming world that we live in now it's a total concept this idea of the b. side of something that was not good enough or was not it just didn't make the cut for some reason. How's that like there was not good enough but for some reason it didn't make the cut but that they would put it on the b side of a single people. Got to hear it anyway. Just incredible it is an in it if not for that. This album would have been lost. A lost memory completely lost. It is an album that everyone overlooked every. Listen to By the way to know that strawberry fields was a b side. Really i did not know that and i think maybe come together was a beside. Maybe their top ten most popular songs ever were both be a. I saw a list. I wish i'd written down There were some very popular. Besides the good vibrations by the beach. Boys was beside yeah Or it was actually released as a single But that's beside single. Yeah it was between albums so it was even so of course of course. Andrew partridge has to copy the beach boys and beatles with his only hit of the album being besides. Maybe there's a master plan in there somewhere. I mentioned the fact that the radio stations were getting death threats that were getting bomb threats at. That's the best way to make things. Go crazy to threats. Yeah and so the whole no. No publicity is bad publicity and then suddenly they thought todd rundgren was a genius because suddenly they have money and suddenly their record contract was renewed. Suddenly they are all during. And i should know. That's right. yeah they've since broken up they don't they don't play anymore. I've seen some interviews with andy partridge and he's justice. Wacky was just kind of out there. Just a very very strange odd duck. You know Is he a guy from the beach. Boys weird or not quite there gathering. The beach boys was crazy enough. But i think. Andy has a little bit of that. But i mean he. He says he's he's a self professed on the autism spec right so he just sees things in a different way. Sure if you try to reason with someone who is adamant about this one way. I can totally see where he would just think that everybody was against him. That's point yeah. I get where he's coming from. He had a vision. He wanted it to go a certain way. And it just didn't go man once again. If it had gone his way nobody would have given a shit there were known about. Yeah i it's an interesting album. It's one that you probably have never heard of definitely have never heard any of the singles. Unless you've heard dear. God dear god is going to be the last one we come to So what we're going to do is take a little break and when we come back we're going to full spin of the nineteen eighty six album by exte-.

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