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It's one of the greatest military catastrophes of catastrophe we lost nine thousand men the kiwis lost three thousand men the brits lost thirty five thousand men and the turks lost ninety ninety five thousand men and the interesting thing we obsess about gallipoli and that's what ends is based on so we tell ninety five percent of what a straightens now about aaron military history starts at dawn on the twenty fifth of bologna in fifteen and fides by sunday because we tell that story over and over and over again to the exclusion of all the wrist and it's a strange obsession that we have because we're actually commemorating a loss but the significance is astride didn't become a strata as a nation until i gender ninety one this was a thirst united if not fighting is new south welshman victorians and queensland actually fighting straightens and it's generally judged that troops did very will and to the americans who may on the sort of vaguely know the name lip police so as you say a straighter as a nation as an independent countries only fourteen years old it's the first world war straighter is to by default in the war just because whatever britain doesn't that australia does awful andrew fisher who would become prime minister win the war was about to break out andrew fisher said we will fight for great britain to the last man and the last shilling twentyfive years light of the second world war breaks out now prime minister robert menzies said it is my melancholy juicy to inform you that great britain is at war coma therefore we are at war because he's view was we are the sons and daughters of great britain great britain in the south seas great britain's at war therefore ipso facto we're at more now these days we're far more independent ideally but it was doing giving your american audience that on new the nineteen forty two prime minister was john curson and he made a famous statement because the japanese were coming closer he said without any pangs as out traditional kinship to great britain i'm make it clear that a stray leah looks to america and there's a story about about roosevelt franklin delano.

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