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They can't wipe the slate and and just spend money so getting and then you know, pairing him with porzingas now they may have to drop in another draft pick. So that's the other part is they've already lost their number one in the trae young dodge traits. It sounds like until this trade calls done. They may have to give the Knicks and other pick from somebody that they acquire and or a future picks. So the the picks may not be done. But this is this is where you have an in basketball as opposed to baseball everyone's playing by the same rules, cap wise, draft, pick wise and that stuff, and so there's a financial component to this nixed. Al trait that makes a lot of sense for both teams, and I really commend both front offices. This is a. Suhel of a good trade for the Knicks. The Lakers and the Mavericks the future is what is exciting for them for your Golden State Warriors Padres going to meet with Jason Garrett. Rodney multiple you come up with that on your own. Is that one of our brilliant, baby? Brooks a university student body coming through once again nice job. Nice job on the text line at any way. Kmby are for your Golden State Warriors. The present is the best time tough cover for DeMarcus cousins coming up tonight. Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia seventy Sixers we'll get into that game. Which promises has the makings of a fun fun evening over at oracle and blow the whistle as well. A flimsy excuse to play too shorts. Great anthem, great club banger blow, the whistle. A flimsy excuse to do that. Based on the officials are tonight in their whistle blowing tendencies don't forget new episode. A friend of the show podcast for I talked to stand up comedians about their sports fan amid is up under the podcast habit. Kmby are dot com. Click on that hit Brooks casts, and you will see it. Big J O Kherson. My latest conversation guest. And it was a lot of fun. Check it out. Enjoy. All right. It's the Fitz and Brooks show on kmby are six eighty the sports leader in.

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