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With a freeze by date of seven twenty six eighteen if you have any throw it away or take it back to place of purchase. Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey is adding his name to the list of Republicans in the US Senate who will vote against President Trump's national emergency declaration to fund a border while we get more from Katie radio's Joe DO says it's not about border security. It's about the constitution giving congress the responsibility to spend money undermines a very very important principle of our constitution. Which is the separation of powers Dumi says he's also worried about future presidents. He says Elizabeth Warren has already promised to declare a national emergency over climate change. He says he received no inappropriate pressure from the White House to vote with Mr.. Trump Joe Decio NewsRadio ten twenty Katie k and we understand from CBS news. That vote is scheduled for this hour. Former Texas congressman better Aurora has officially thrown his hat into the ring to this morning. He's running for the democratic presidential nomination. Construction has begun on the new vision and rehabilitation tower at UP MC mercy. The nine-story building will house patient care and research, and we'll be connected to the current inpatient rehabilitation unit. It's expected to open in late twenty twenty two the new civic arena site already has its first tenant Punchbowl, social, Pittsburgh will open in two thousand twenty the restaurant and bar will serve modern American food and offer bowling ping, pong karaoke and video games across the street from p p g paints arena self driving vehicles. Still frightened a lot of people. A AAA survey finds seventy one percent of those questioned are afraid of riding in them. That's up eight percent from a year ago. More from CBS's Gary Nunn after a century or so behind the wheel most drivers are still wary of self driving vehicles. Greg brennan. The AAA says that many are cozying up to the concept we found about half of the US drivers would be comfortable with the idea of a slow speed people mover type autonomous vehicle, but you might find it the airport or theme park. He says such human things as distracted driving fatigue and intoxication may one day not be issues making automated vehicle safer, you every non CBS news on Wall Street. Hefferin Tillotson says.

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CBS, Dumi, United States discussed on The Mike Pintek Show

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