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Sticks and stones theory is starts at the home instill it now grinding. Shit in their heads to me. It's insane category. As a matter of life and death our future depends on it. We can't continue to be a two bucket sensitive. Society is killing us softly. We're better than the shit what the fuck happened to us. You have all these anti name-calling calling groups cancer culture groups the sensitive police trying to make this perfect society trying to make it to where you kick call anyone in offensive name whether joking manner friendship terms or even personal or name. You assume defensive. I got fucking news for you and you're not gonna like it. This also might hurt your feelings. But you're not gonna ever ever get some win incarcerated or banished from calling you a bitch ass nigga by the way one of my favorite phrases of all time. I don't even have to mean it. I just like saying it the way it flows off your tongue. Try it bitch ass nigger. Oh hold up. You might not want to sit. How though depending on who you with take precautionary measures before you scream out bitch ass nigger. The point is human. nature comes with good and bad love and evil if you took out the bad nevil. It made his perfect sidey. People will lose. Focus on what we were love is. It'd be a lot of fake love going around. We need evil and we need bad. I know people that are bad is evil. But i'm saying bad because baz kind of like a white lie you got little bad. You've got big bad. Some people do so the bat but not mean it anyway. The good thing about evil when it presents itself in any way shape form we get redemption and produce more empathy creating more love and friendships. We need as she had people with that being said back to the names. I'm talking about those derogatory phrases names. They're just fucking names at the end of the day to me. It's all about perception. Take the word nigger for example the majority of you perceive the word to be evil..

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