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To tell me I'm wrong on the Texan come up at nine eight nine seven three Odjick keeps joins us now seven ten ESP and ease with Tom Jenkins CC show over there before that he was a top quarterback in the nation we played scholar in high school the card back in college at BYU university Kansas Miami and was signed profession by the jets spent time with the Seahawks RJ can know your first time caller long time listener can I can touch you will come in there yeah thank you for having me it is an honor and a privilege to be on with thanks man okay Jake first question twenty four NFL teams are so came out to see Colin Kaepernick's work out that the NFL had arranged but Gordon to reports they were necessarily the key decision makers in coming to see him does did that play a factor in what happened I think so I mean I look at this guy's very simply and say both parties did not handle the situation very well I think the NFL the word for it in one way or another you can look at their intention they were really trying to give a call out for Nick the stopper beat to showcase his talent doing it on a Saturday is in a typical day in the NFL in terms of when they usually perform work out further team are for other players usually that the Tuesday where they're more flexible coaches scouting personnel there more flexible on those two days to perform work out for for players that they want to see in a given week so that was a little bit of a head scratcher in terms that decision to make it on a Saturday also it started coming out more and more in terms of that the little details were not getting solidified so that they they basically the week prior or Sunday or Monday said Hey let's put together a workout for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday okay who's gonna run the work out how many teams are going to be there one receivers are gonna be there FOR calling Capper naked just was not it just wasn't put together very well and and so that's that's the fault of the NFL right is that they felt like they were putting something together that was not legitimate and I think for calling Cabernet there's two two sides the story but both of these entities do not trust each other Colin Kaepernick obviously not trust the NFL and I understand that but how he handled that opportunity and try to you within our last before he is work out that was supposed to be at the Atlanta Falcons facility to all the sudden turn on a dime and state you know what now I'm not gonna do that the twenty four I presented is that came out to watch me grow you're gonna need to drive an hour away from the Atlanta Falcons football facility to go to high school and watched me throw because I want media there I want the media coverage I want the narrative you be control and I don't want the NFL to have the control of the narrative in the situation yes all around guys I just thought it was it was handled very poorly and unfortunately for calling Capper Nick I don't think this gets in anywhere near the goal of trying to make the NFL and it makes you wonder if that actually was in deep the ultimate goal all right said about three minutes Jake jeeps are let's start the process of you are a guy who's been a quarterback at the most elite levels understand you work with Russell Wilson in the passing camp did what did Colin Kaepernick look like during these drills your call cabinet you know he looks fine he looked like he always had in terms of he's got a he's got a great arm yeah he's got an elite level arm so his arm strength is definitely not a question but it's more of the accuracy it's always been acting you make the difference for can be a pastor and not a thrower meaning that he can make every throw that is required if you need to have touch down the field are EA eight and all kinds of road I don't think you really answer that it's hard to do so in a work out like that against air you know there were some people that said that he didn't look at it as he once did in that obvious lead normal for a guy thirty two years old and not you know a young twenty year old in the prime of his career so that was part of it but I thought overall calling Capranica look like calling Capper to it didn't look like you dropped off significantly it looked like he was a significantly better so like I said he didn't go out there and just absolutely wow and and to feel like there's there's no way we can't sign this Jake you in your opinions which you saw the work out what you know of him and what you know of of playing the quarterback position is he a legit roster addition to to some teams in the NFL right now I think our wives yeah he is he is a legitimate Rosser edition but I think there's also a lot of other factors that go into it so if you just figure that call gabber Nick is gonna be about strictly football and that he wants to play in that that's his intent backup role struggling Jeanette future find a guide to the star games for them I I do believe he still has that ability but I I think that there's a lot of questions around does he really want to play this day and and also as an owner and organization do you want to bring in a guy like all copper Nick who is just going to have a lot of attention around him in in such a way that it it potentially detracts from your team I think that is one of the main reasons why calling hasn't been on a team rightfully or on the right we sell so that that's the part that unfortunately for calling he did not he did not dispel any of those concerns that any to any of these teams have in the way that he handled the whole workout situation I don't think it it didn't hi this is one to be honest all right that's J. keeps in the Tom shaken CC show on seven ten you spin also could become up on the podcast object we appreciate you coming on the show see again absolutely thank Grammy on guys I there's always do this time of day every day it's called tell me I'm wrong one of us gets up on a soapbox to use a cliche and sets forth today it's me just the guy in the middle taught you're not wrong there are under no extremely stable Jesus okay to suggest that that is the only opinion that matters and the staff opinion it has advanced in there is incorrect so cal capric may or may not have.

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