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His credit you sort of pro and is radio kkob i would hope john in pat martin's parents of victoria unsorted parents of michelle martin was accused in other than the death of heard her daughter who faces a trial for the murder of her daughter i am going to give them every benefit of the doubt that i can assume that they did not know that michelle martin's was using victoria as a sex life i'm just i'm just going to do not believe that that's true if they did know that and didn't do anything than that makes this far worse but i'm i'm i'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt on that and i think most of us reasonably would do that they've they knew that this was going on that they would have stopped their daughter from doing that having said that i also think that they knew that their daughter was troubled that they knew their daughter was doing things that she should not do the that she was a drug abuser that she probably was not a great mom for victoria and the maybe victoria and her brother were in harm's way it would have been possible for that to be the case so i find this lawsuit to be a little hypocritical now wrongful death lawsuits do not necessarily benefit them as i mentioned earlier if you didn't hear a just smart remind you uh or bring you up to date that they may not be the ones who benefit from it form whatever money is is awarded if they win this lawsuit that would probably first go to according to the attorney one of the attorneys bob boards to victoria's brother.

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