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Twitter question for this hour was was dealing with the red shortstop Pursuit, which fridge and shortstop would you prefer for the Reds Right now? 56% say, d d Gregorius 34% say Marcus Simeon and 10% say Andrelton Simmons that on Twitter at Lance McAllister, thanks to barley corns, three locations. In northern Kentucky for presenting the Twitter feed. And I have a bank of lines open. 5137491 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT for you to weigh in on the shortstop conversation. Speaking of which, when D D Gregorius joined me Tell me about a month or so ago, We talked about a variety of issues, and, of course, freed and see was first and foremost for trying to figure out what was on his mind. At that point, I talked to him about the process What he's looking for. In his memories of the Reds. Here's the former Could he be future again? Red shortstop Didi Gregorius. You are a free agent. What will go into your decision on where ultimately you play baseball in 2021. Let's say Something that they're a good team and a team that wants to win. So I think that's what I'm shooting for. You played for David Bell when you were in the red system. Did you enjoy your time in the red system? You you were signed when you were 17? You are a youngster. Then what did you think of your time in the Reds organization? I had a really great time when I was there. You know what? They were the first team to give you the opportunity to come to the stage and play so You know, I always thank them for that and described that time against local. So I mean, I had a really great time playing, got to know a lot of people and had a really good managers, any coaches and coaches, So I mean, and that they helped me a lot to improve my game T o till today, you know, so I talked to some of them toe. No. You always need that little reminder What to do to keep staying on their good fat? Did he take me back September 9th 2000 and 12. What do you remember about your mate? Your first major league hit? Whatever you know, I know it was the infield hit. Sure, ground really short and in the hole. That was when I had a little bit of speed. You're in the starting lineup and your bad in between Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto. What? What? What was that experience like it as a major leaguer for the first time. You know, it's funny, You know, I always joked around with Brandon. You know, he talked a lot and We kind of tell always told that I have fun and play the game the right way. You know, soon as I said in 2011 when I was in a big league camp, so hey, helped me a lot. Coming up, and I talked to vital a little, but he doesn't talk that much. But I talked to him a little bit, but it's always good to know T here everybody's story and how they got there and all that stuff, so that's always a really good stuff. You know, because you're a free agent. I have to ask. Are you open to possibly coming home to play for the Reds? I'm open to listen to anything. That's the thing. So anything that's good. And that game Dr. Been trying to do everything? Yeah. I mean, I listen and see what they have to offer. Have dollar talk so ever known. Have they shown any interest in you either to you or to your agent to this point. To the agency. I think they talked a little bit. If I could be a go between in the negotiation, just let me know. DD, all right. Didi Gregorius when he joined the last month, talking about his future, he is, um he's being pursued by multiple teams. The report from Jim Boulden yesterday was The Reds had expressed interest in Marcus Simeon. As DD mentioned back then the Reds had had contact or at least conversations with his agent. From that standpoint, the Reds have not been tied to a least I have not seen many reports of them tied to our interest in one Andrelton Simmons. We know this. They need a shortstop. I would think DeeDee and the other the other than the factory about DD he was coming off of Tommy John surgery, so I think it's fair to say although he'll be 31 in February. I would think another year removed from the Tommy John surgery. Now, as I say that I don't remember if it was his throwing arm or not. Now, I think about it, but you would think it least he would be more comfortable one more year removed from that surgery. Um He's a guy who makes contact. He's a guy who knows the organization. He's a guy who played for David Bell when he was in the minor leagues, but also keep in mind. They had a crack at him, and he had a crack at them last year at this time, and he chose to side with the Phillies, and by the way, Speaking of the Phillies reports tonight indicate the Phillies are expressing interest with Freddy Galvis. Freddy Galvis was a filly and eventually went to Toronto, then went up with the Reds that the season before so the wheels turn and you would think it's some point. Hopefully, it stops with one of those three. I would say, D. D is the safest I would say. Marcus Simeon is the one with the biggest upside potential, but it's ah A bigger risk because he doesn't make a whole lot of contact, and he's not much of a fielder. And then my fallback is probably Anderson Simmons, who I just did It bugs me that for two years they talked about his ankle. And if he's not the defensive player, he once was that I'm not sure he is much of a help in the mix of one of those three, the other issue Reds related before the top of the hour, I mentioned off the top that Archie Bradley Side today with the Phillies Mark Feist sand of MLB dot com says it's one year six million. Here's what is much as I made the case last night that the Reds need to and much like the Padres did kind of take advantage of the opportunity in the NL Central. How the rest of the division is basically standing down. That the Reds need to take it. It's Prime position more so than any time I could imagine going forward where you're going to have an advantage where nobody else is doing anything to say. You know what? Maybe we hadn't planned on doing much, but if nobody else is doing much, let's do something. It's still it is hard.

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