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Of the program i have known orrin hatch for all these years i don't think i've ever heard him that animated ever because it is an absolute lie that this bill that they're gonna hopefully pass in the senate uh the republican bill is as anything of any benefit to anybody that is quote rich at is one of my biggest complaints about republicans that twenty percent of americans the pay most of the taxes in this country 50 percent pay no federal income taxes none zero so we have redistribution now if you believe in supplyside conservative economics reaganomics which i have always believed in and continue to believe and i would argue that the republicans have abandoned that and while they're what they're doing on the corporate side is phenomenal middle class tax cuts is phenomenal repatriation is phenomenal uh when they pass drilling an anwar and energy independence that's phenomenal for economic growth the engine of economic growth that will get people off of food stamps out of poverty and back to work what this election was really all about i know and we spend an inordinate amount of time against that never ending attacks against the president with this is what's gonna make the difference on top of the growth of we've already gotten because of the end of burdensome regulation that the president did on his own anyway here to weigh in on all of this larry kudlow cnbc host former reagan administration economists author of the new book it's a must read if you want to understand economics reaganomics the the supplied sized conservative argument of haddock create growth in the economy the jfk in reagan revolution a secret history of american prosperity also steven more is with us distinguish visiting fellow or project for economic growth of the heritage foundation gentleman welcome back both of you to the program how sean larry when you were on last time we both agreed this is great in terms of the corporate tax cut the repatriation the push towards energy independence the end of burdensome regulations but any notion that this is a tax cut for the wealthy is just patently false try agree i would only add needed it for new buildings in technology aipac your insurer with great story low um if.

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