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Generated by pure mind has an electrical coefficient of yes yes the numbers are absolutely correct unequivocal that being the case it stands to reason that the conclusions are correct is well why the mind must be the most underrated power and the entire universe given the proper concentration of there's really no limit to what a man could do no limit it off look at them down the people so many i wonder if i concentrated hard enough can i actually get rid of the point why not concentration that's all it takes i have the power here inside my head sheer concentration concentrate on getting rid of all those people i wonder if i can do it in one fell swoop all oh knocked them off one by one just think of it nobody in the la in the office the cafeteria or on the street now knocked in a hall we're on the stairs nobody except myth debates grab debates grab who is it you know perfectly well her went ahead it's mrs weiler the rent dilma estimates wrap the air me that rent i'm not going away tell you miss debates pat nevin debates closure ice repeat the feeling leads threetimes go away disappear be extinct that plant meth debates grab go away disappear be extinct go away disappear be extinct that babe we sweater mrs weiler mrs well but you're on concentration back the key and i have it today the landlady tomorrow the world we'll be back to the twilight zone in.

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