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Stew. I just heard some amazing audio about what's his name in Florida. He was part of the the March for life. Yeah. Cameron caskey. Okay. He's one of the guys that was was one of the big movers and shakers in the March for life. You know, the kids of of of parkland, he said you really regrets what he said to Marco Rubio. And you know, he was part of the group that was like Marco Rubio, you know, you're taking money from the NRA yours want kids to die. I want you to listen to what I think is one of the bravest people. I have heard. Is especially considering his age. Here's a high school kid who is now in in parkland. You're if you're part of this you see how the media has torn apart anybody who disagrees you've seen. How people have torn the the the, you know, the the conservative kids how they've just been dismantled. And you're willing to say this listen to this interview. This summer when March for lives went on the summer tour embarked on I met that person in Texas got. Shammai atomatic weapon. To protect their family. I met fifty some odd percent of women who are pro-life even though I thought that it was preposterous. But a woman could be pro-life pro-choice. It's time. I learned that our issues politically come from a lack of understanding the perspectives. And and also just the fact that so often young young interpretive young liberal. We'll go into debate. Like, I said earlier trying to beat the other one as opposed to come to an agreement. And it's important for things to be competitive because I think competition is very important for everything. But it comes to a point where all we're doing right now is dry weather apart. I mean, the people who who are okay with Trump. Well, now forgive him for anything and the people who didn't like Trump will pretend at every single the new dodgers, pure utter evil, and and it's a direction we need to we need to head away from. So I'm working on efforts to encourage bipartisanship, or at least discussion that is not that is productive and help people avoid the mistakes that I make is this. Is this kid unbelievable? This is unbelievable. What is he saying? He saying absolutely everything that so many people are fighting against he is making the message of my book. Let's look what he did. He was part of an angry. I think almost a mob angry mob of kids that were were least portrayed on television. As all David Hogg. David, hugs. Not listening to anybody. He is full of certitude. He's right. You're wrong. No ifs, ands, or buts. This kid was part of that. And then what did he say when I was in Texas, I met that person that uses an AR to protect their family. Well, now, how did he meet that person? Do you think he met that person because they were holding up a sign that said, you kids are idiots was holding up a sign that said you have to be stopped. Works was screaming names at them was was was tweeting horrible things about these kids. I highly doubt it he met a woman who was pro-life. He said at the time. I couldn't believe a woman would be pro-life. He said I met her and I talked to her. What does that mean? That means there were reasonable conservatives. And I think we all try to be reasonable conservatives that were calm enough rational enough to find the one not to go to David Hogg. But to find the one in the group that was honestly listening. And they changed his heart. That's exactly the point.

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