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What's going on with that. Well yeah they love and city council met last tuesday about this project and phobos have been asking for a waiver of half of the three hundred thousand dollars in sales taxes that it would have paid on ten million dollars worth of manufacturing equipment that it would purchase during its first year of operation. This would be as the Boulder based company seeks to consolidate its manufacturing operations. They already have an operation in lublin but also maintained manufacturing in boulder in the gun. Barrel neighborhood So they had asked for one hundred fifty thousand dollars in mitigation and the city council. Double that for them. So the city council voted to offer them three hundred thousand dollars and the the one key here is that not every community in the region in the state. Taxes manufacturing equipment in loveland does so this brought it more in line with other communities in the state that are competing with is They the company still has not decided yet whether they will go to loveland for this expansion or perhaps go to neighboring johnstown johnstown does not ask manufacturing equipment so loved ones action. Just brought it in line with what johnstown was Was doing as well i know you're gonna ask win. They're going to decide. They said within the next three days so now we're weekend to so i'll probably in the next three weeks. We will know where Where they will go for this. Consolidation is one way the other the leaning i mean are they do they wanna stay in loveland or are they kind of like well. If you're gonna make this hard we'll just go over to jonestown. well Yell at the city council meeting when they announced that they were going to double this Exemption for three hundred thousand dollars One of the bogo representatives said exactly that That would that you're that you alluded to You guys are tipping the scales favorably toward loveland. That was a quote from one of the bobo officials. So it. It sounds like they're leaning that way but you never know. Unintelligible deal signed where they'll go so at this moment i I i would say johnstown is probably still being considered We'll we'll know here in the next few weeks. It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening on that chris. Anything else that you've kind of got your eyes on that you're going to be looking for involving the northern colorado economy. And what's going on there. Well a big one day. Today is the shareholder vote for a boulder. A technology company boulder biotech that. We've talked about before so my logic which is going through To of your favorite terms it's going through a s- back merger right now w- That would take it public. That's been approved by the sec And they're also a unicorn valued at one point three billion dollars as a local. Start up a homegrown. See you spin off. Actually and their shareholders voting on this merger today and if as expected they approve that then some logic will be northern colorado's newest publicly traded company. Well it'll be It seems like you've always got one or two things happening here. It's got to be a covering here. Northern colorado no you cover all colorado too but covering northern colorado. There's never a shortage of topics for us. Chris not at all from northern colorado to the boulder valley which is basically our coverage area. We go as far as as westminster It's hard to keep up with sometimes but always always Interesting time yeah. No doubt chris Where can people find more your work. Where can they check out. What's coming.

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