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Of the new jersey clean energy for the environmental defence fun he says the next governor could rejoin a group of northeast states that banded together to reduce greenhouse gases along with the encouraging more investment in offshore wind farms that was that reggie that regional greenhouse gas initiative that though a lot of the northeast state so all sort of had a deal at a packed but governor christie back this out of it that happened some years ago uh she said jersey has incredible opportunities to help combat climate change by relatively adopting policies at the state level to encourage and develop a robust clean economy that will create jobs and lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions a lot of this has to do with whatever donald trump says today it really does uh senator bob menendez involved in this is something that's been brave by political debate topic for a number of years now whether it's a global warming and the polar ice caps are melting in in of things that are changing as a result of of may a un activity on our planet is which bringing about this unprecedented change and conversely there's some people that politically say well you know what it just the it's cyclical every plane goes through this we just happened to be in a period where things are shrinking there could be generations down the road where all of a sudden the polar caps come back because a little be a tremendous a to a drive in the other direction greenhouse gases emissions carbon exhaust ozone aerosol cans you blame anything you want but it's a heavily political politicized topic and it's not going to change it really isn't going to change chelsea with donald trump has to say three o'clock an owed three o'clock eastern twelve noon pacific i know they'll be in the rose garden and we're going to see if this is going to be if the united states will remain as part of his paris agreement or not he's got his reasons for backing us out and has to do with the coal industry in an a just kind of creating jobs and an and energy resources energy questions of course and energy concerns here in the united states are the main teo but will know will know this afternoon at three we shall see.

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