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Our virtual final process is quick and Gruber law offices. One call, that's all. Time for an update from the Gruber law offices. One call, that's all sports death. Here's Greg Matt Sick. Well as of now, there will be football Thursday night in Santa Clara, with Packers scheduled to travel out West on Wednesday, Face the Niners on Thursday, however, the Packers will be without running backs A J. Dylan and Jamal Williams and rookie linebacker Kamal Martin, all three on the cove in 19 reserve list. As for starting running back Aaron Jones, his availability remains in question due to a camp injury. Look for a little Dexter Williams on the field behind Aaron Rodgers. It seems like he's a little more settled this year and feeling more confident. I'm excited about him. Getting opportunities really good cares about a lot and you know he's going to be asked pollution things. On Thursday. Williams a second year pro out of Notre Dame in Madison, the total number of covert 19 cases continues to rise within the football program. 15 players and 12 staff members are positive and in isolation, Saturday's scheduled game again produce cancel that will not be made up. Wanna know Badger's balls play a total of six games to be eligible for the Big 10 championship game. Five games remain on the schedule. We don't leave yourself much wiggle room right now. No, you don't Barry Alvarez. In a related story, Heisman Trophy front runner Trevor Laurence of top rain. Clemson will not be under center when the Tiger's face fourth rate Notre Dame on Saturday night, so the Packers will head out West and it's going to be a little Tyler Ervin and A little Dexter Williams. Aaron Jones is listed as a limited participant in the Packers Walk through today, It wasn't really a and he's practice of significance, but so you're still holding out hope that he might be able to take the field after a three week absence and the Niners air so banged up. This is going to look a lot different than that Embassy championship game. I'd like to think so. This is where you think you know, you've got a great coaching staff in San Francisco, offensive minded Out LaFleur. Obviously an offensive minded guys. Well, if you're the Niners, you could probably rely on your running game a little bit given what the Packers have put on tape, But I'm thinking this is the time Matt Lafleur finally gets the best of it. His elder statesman. I hope you're right. All right. The phone lines are open and love for you to weigh in the econo Morgan talking text lines. 85561616 20 Tell me about the most interesting thing you saw at your polling place today. What was the most interesting thing you experience Was it the long lines? Was it the lack of a long line? Was somebody wearing something very interesting. What was it like at your polling place? The equity mortgage Talking text line is 85561616 20. Call now send us attacks. What was the most interesting thing you saw at the polling place today? Describe what your polling place was like. I'd love to hear from different people from different parts of our listener ship. The eco Mortgage talking text line is 85561616 20. It's this. Wow. Here. You see this?.

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