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CRIPS are gray. When they came out grey blue everybody's wigs back, which is cool and then the ultimate sign of perfection is that the other companies started making their grips gray because as this associated with being gray because rental made the grips, Greg that kind of stuff. So thanks to rent the MENTHOL DOT COM. Let's get into Jason Thomas and Jason. Why again and talk some more Loretta Lynch to we? All Right Let's get into Loretta Lynn's to an all that happened there in the in the much muck and mud of Loretta lots to talk about. On the fly racing racer x podcasts presented by Rental Max's maps guys it's It's Jason Thomas what's up jt? How are you? Not Too, much. That was a weird introduction, but I'll take it why after Jason Thomas like you're reading like you were Joe Biden reading a teleprompter. Reading? Yes. Also on the line, the voice of the Oil Protocols Championships. Jason. Wagon what's up? Yeah you read that. Did you forget our names no. As what I felt like. No I was referring to something to remember who no no. I was reading an email while I was talking the whole the whole thing professional. It would be understandable because okay we did all hang out the first two rounds in Utah but Steve I had not seen you in person since then until the Saturday. And Steve, how is this the longest had not been on a plane? Why I've not been on a plane since Hawaii after Kovic struck my wife and I took off for Hawaii. But. That was five months ago. I forgot that was the Hawaii trip at the time was heartless and Dangerous but is now probably awesomely representing American freedoms he is. He was vacationing in Hawaii. was suffering. Heartless. Of never no never known for donating or helping no no, no, no no no listen listen here when when they started taking away the buffets, I was also struggling like all Americans right when the buffy America's pain when the door five star resorts started losing some of the amenities. Yes. Yes. I felt the same. It was terrible. I. Felt that On the welfare guide I'm very upset I mean now that we're back on the road and go to hotels every weekend and not getting these fantastic free breakfast as much as you want to stuff your face with so you don't have to eat the rest of the day. Yeah. They've taken away taking my freedoms away and how about? No no real drink. Or Food Service on the planes. Really. Go out there. anyways we yeah this is the longest. I have not flown. I would say since two thousand and two when I was mechanic for Nick Way. Like, I drove the whole supercar series you know. Drove most of the outdoors. So yeah. Eighteen years eighteen years yes. Yeah. Yeah..

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