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Ramsey show on W O are already in progress on Facebook. Dave, I'm thinking about telling my selling my timeshare where do I start? Well, bad news. You got screwed. There's no place to sell a timeshare. You can't give the dadgum things away. Look your timeshare only by showing them for dollar. People shown for a dollar. Why would they do that? Because they wanna get rid of. The fees the annual freaking fees. And that's what you're that's why you're thinking about selling it. Own money on it got help you. So I have looked at numerous ways over the years during the show to get out of timeshares, and I never could find anything until I found this company called timeshare exit team. About three years ago. We started endorsing them, and I've had so much fun pissing off the timeshare people because timeshare exit team will get you out of their timeshare. You're gonna pay them money to do that. That's what they do. And they charge you up front, and they give you your money back guarantee. If they don't get you out, but they'll get you out. They'll get you out of your timeshare. Stock their worst nothing. They have no value. There's no market for them. There's a ninety nine percent dissatisfaction with the industry. This is pretty much sucks beyond belief. On top of that there. Several these people selling these things that tell people in their presentation that daveramsey bought one from them. Which is about as dumb as saying daveramsey has a credit card. That's ridiculous now time share exit team do not talk to anybody else. These guys are the best at getting you out timeshare exit team. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Hurricanes, Michael and Florence dead. A number on some big resort communities on the east coast. If your timeshare is in hurricane alley or an area prone to natural disasters. Keep an eye out for special assessment fees. You could be liable for a portion of the cleanup and the repair, folks. This is why I tell you timeshares are a horrible idea. The fees are too unpredictable for something you barely use get rid of him. Call time share exit team timeshare exit team does just that they exit you from your timeshare. It's a process, but if you've tried selling it if you've tried working through your resort to.

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