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They were the NFC champ champion, I agree. And by the way, the thing that people people failed or look at history as as a point of reference of how these things will go. The tuck rule does not render. Doc I ever ate is dynasty ever. That's what people, but it's still in a nerve in Oakland, just like the non call ads will the lower ever be a nerve in New Orleans. Yeah. Do you guys agree with me about this that the Rams are that football season like life itself? People always say it's short, but it also can be quite long in many ways. And I feel like the length of the season has obscured. What happened in the first ten or so weeks of the season? Which was the Rams were the unquestioned best team. I mean, the chiefs were exciting. And who knows how far they can go without a defense. But it was fairly clear that the Rams were the best team in the NFL. And I just think people got distracted by other storyline happens. I mean, every there's one of those those teams that gets off to that kind of stuff, and it's not about the start. It's about the finish the one game that we thought where it was kind of what we personally were talking about was that Aaron I own a cardinals game where they didn't get past the fifty. I was like oh my God. He's actually like really good. Would you don't allow NFL to get past the fifty all game until late in the fourth quarter? It was that's when I felt like we were like, okay. This team has special didn't they had some injuries? But then they bounced back and they were. I'm with you there. And I kind of got me thinking, okay, if the patriots are the dynasty of the past, right? Whether or not they win another one this weekend. Their run is never going to be duplicated. I don't think in the modern NFL, but which team from this point Ford has the best chance of following their blueprint of combining coach and quarterback into say a decade of sustaining s I think the Rams are one of those teams. I think Kansas City, I would say it's the fifty four fifty one. So I mean as I go into Sunday. I'm wondering is this the only time this is the only time I use the word. We is this the only time we will ever be here with the Los Angeles. Rams. I would like to think not I would like to think that they're going to be a semi regular presence in this final game as long as the season has been to your previous point. Well, listen Jay be long. We've wanted to sit with you sit down with the through the season here. And appreciate you cutting out some time for us in the big week, the big blow I had a big time. You once at least once they always say turn down your first, check invitation. Because then that's it. Even now, you're going to be up for check you work. Yeah. So be careful the Seki wards crazy. I just want to be on the green screen. The next time. I stopped by police. I will work it out next. You know, maybe that's what we can do to fill the Bill for you in the off season. We can have you guys do play by play an analysis of things that aren't football. You know, that's a good idea. Maybe hand thing how he has to go though, because our bosses came. But before I do leave if any other foreign food references come to mind between now and Sunday night. Just let me know. I listen, I think frozen garages. Right. And by the way, through the great that. I liked those understated calls. If you win the thing if you win the Super Bowl, the world champions of twenty eighteen the Los Angeles Rams, that's VIN Scully conical, you know, I don't I'm telling you your business, and you're giving me the eye. Did you see the look that long gave to go? He hasn't go. Tell me maybe you you go. This is why I try not to listen to too many. British be in my head. No matter what happens fourth quarter like Like inside. inside. It's gonna be like, what did he say understanding champions J B? My man. Thank you. I hope that didn't ruin anything. Okay long. We have to some unfinished business come on over. Not can I come on in. You don't have a team..

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