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Us on Twitter at WIBC driven. Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist and the snow is coming. The question is how much now while we're gonna see significant accumulation throughout the day tomorrow today. Adjust some clouds around we'll see mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon with highs around thirty. Six and that's no developed after midnight tonight. That's also a winter storm warning goes into effect for much of central Indiana. Tonight near twenty eight cloudy with moderate to heavy snow throughout the day tomorrow. Around five to seven inches likely for most of us. Highs around thirty three on Sunday a few flurries early otherwise mostly cloudy with highs there thirty four so this the snow that's coming this four to six to seven inches. How much how much comes quick is just spread out throughout the entirety of Saturday and Sunday. Are we going to see just a massive fall in like two or three hours know, we're going to see some pretty steady snow soda develop after midnight tonight and last all throughout the day on Saturday and eventually come to an end late Sunday. But we may see a timed bursts of moderate snow during the day on Saturday. So it's going to be a long pro a prolonged event here late tonight all during the day on Saturday finally coming to an end on Sunday that right there is Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist tire. I appreciate it. Very much. We'll check in with you throughout the morning. Twenty six degrees right now in the American standard heating. Weather center. High of thirty four today. The time is six or seven.

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