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Years in prison Houston police chief art Acevedo says that murder charges are now being filed against forty one year old Jr Mari keto Carter who has confessed to killing Aaron share horn back in twenty ten an amount an invalid that sentence again an evangelical magazine is calling for president trump's removal from office a prominent evangelical magazine Christianity Today now says president trump should be removed from office out of quote not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the creator of the ten commandments the son of the late Reverend Billy Graham who founded the magazine says his father would not agree with and would be disappointed by the op ed president trump said the fact is no president has ever done what I've done for evangelicals or religion itself Justin Fisher reporting according to a new fox poll sixty seven percent of evangelicals support the president the space force is officially the new is branch of the U. S. military president trump has signed a massive defense spending bill that provides funding to launch the space for and he noted that it it's been seventy years since the airports was created he called outer space the newest war fighting domain and said it's absolutely vital that America control the ultimate high ground beyond that the earth's atmosphere non binary gender options are now being offered by American Airlines and American spokesperson tells USA today the new U. and X. gender designations are about taking care of customers and employees customers will have to call travel agents to update reservations but the North Texas based airline is promising to put it on their website soon American would be the second major U. S. airline to provide non binary gender options after United did it earlier this year and that's Tom Roberts reporting KTRE news time for three the owner of the photo site flickr is asking for money on the castle but the site one of the web's oldest of its kind from young who in twenty seventeen hoping to stop the company from hemorrhaging money while saving tens of billions of photos from being a racist perhaps you have some in there while the company is losing less money these days it's still losing so macaskill is asking people to buy a fifty dollar annual subscription on sale now for thirty six Bucks he says of a little more than one percent of his users do this it'll keep the lights on with the flu epidemic on the rise against the cut over the with the flu epidemic on the rise across the country three new health outbreaks are taking aim at kids more than twenty cities in Arizona are dealing with the first month's outbreak in decades and whooping cough is forced to school here in Houston to close its doors early for the holiday break that is also being reported in nearly every school district in Spokane county Washington news on demand a case here H. dot com John Wesley dammit newsradio seven forty.

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