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Or on TV. I promise. Okay, so, but you've read the Ford's study. You've read everything about I'm sure you've heard of Dr Daniel Wallace from Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles Like you. Hundreds of peer reviewed articles his 42 years. He's to me the premier expert in this if there's no risk You know, do no harm. But the media said he just heard Joe Scarborough. Every doctor says every medical professional says that's just not true. What do you What are your findings tell you? Well, it's contrary effect. The drug works in its intended population, which is high risk patients early on before they got hospitalized. In fact, Henry Ford's study there's four studies. Now that are like Henry Ford said he hit Mount Sinai, one and one, and there's another one that just came out also in the same thing, but oral and hospitalized patients and even though they showed the benefit of of using the drug on the first day or so that people get hospitalized. They're not the population that we need to treat. We need to treat people before they got hospitalized and in those people and Irish people before they got hospitalized, the drug works and works extremely well. So there's a need to refute this. And since there's no evidence to refute it, people use other approaches as you heard in the CNN interview. On and there, but I think there's way more than political issues going on on this. I think that there's malfeasance by the pharma industry on I think in order to know this One has to look at what the FDA has been doing. The FDA has a protocol for approving medications for emergencies. It's called the emergency use authorization on The the U. A applications that are filed for medications have to meet certain criteria. The criterion for efficacy. According to that is may show benefits. There is no criterion of efficacy for randomized controlled trial. The FDA does not have a randomized controlled trial standard for showing up efficacy in emergency use authorizations, which is what we're talking about now in the pandemic. So to say that the FDA requires an emergent, randomized controlled trial. It's a falsehood because their own internal documents which have been made public on the Internet, show that that's not true. Secondly, the same documents show that once a drug has been approved by the emergency use authorization, the FDA will not allow that mechanism to approve other medications. And that means that if I drop the cork when we're to be approved That other drug companies would have to use the regular route for approval and not the emergency one, and that takes much larger, longer methods to get those drugs approved. So I believe that is where the problem is that the FDA is protecting the slot for some drug companies to be able to have their medications approved for emergency use, instead of Dr Corrigan. I've been reading the costs of the cost of room disappear and I've read a lot about room too severe a cz well, and from what I've read. A lot of the results they're promising is as well. A 65 year old drug is not a drug that any company is going to make money on, is it That's correct, but I don't necessarily know that its room disappeared. That's the competition here because each drug has its niche for use room disappear is used right now in hospitalized patients. The application we're talking about Is an outpatient. Yeah, well, I mean that that was very clear in the studies. You're right. If taken early, you know of the to the thing that frustrates me. Then the most is then the most widely publicized in the media article was was published in a medical journal and then later retracted. But they did not point or cite the Henry Ford study of the Mount Sinai study, or you talked about the Milan study. Dr Oz has talked about that and another study. So it seems to me that politics is all over this, and you're also saying financials are all over this and that bothers me greatly because for me, the only concern ought to be saving lives. Correct, but I think that all fingers point to the FDA. I think the FDA is basically behind the whole problem, and it's been, uh, carrying out a charade against Evidence against science..

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