Vaccinated Texas School Counselor Who 'Had Done Everything Right' Dies After Contracting COVID-19


The dallas morning news vaccinated. Texas school counselor. Who had done everything right dies after contracting cova carrollton texas try. Vm academy six hundred student. Charter school from her hospital. Bed sherry wise went on facebook to contemplate. What went wrong sixty-six-year-old woman. she said. She did everything right. She was fully vaccinated early in the pandemic mask-wearing to avoid touching people. The one thing that changed however was her new job. She was a secondary guidance. Counselor at vm. Academy she wrote on facebook. Is that where i got it. Who knows it proves the you can do all the right. Things and still succumb tragically. She succumbed two weeks. After that post she died. Now these stories. You're not hearing much about in the mainstream media.

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