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Make the most of your color with the very best paint normally went to gram pitches we've seen the bullpen failed behind him or the lineup not score enough runs both happened tonight robert kesselman came on relief of degrom worked two one two three seven before trouble occurred in the eighth a single by bellinger it by we gonna ball that conforto misplayed in center bellinger would get to third puig was thrown out trying to stretch that into a double and then yes money grondahl was intentionally walked to bring up key k hernandez firstpitch but safety squeeze back to the mount helmet shovels to the plate to slide safe at the plate as bell and jerry gets in under the tag of missouri nocco stopping at second is grand doll hernandez on at first with a safety squeeze but which drives in iran the dodgers lead at forty two as a rocco never hung onto the ball on that play at the plate had he they might have had an out there on bellinger came diving in head first we will never know because rocco never held onto the ball there so the mets end up being down four to two at that point the dodgers stealing a run with a squeeze play hernandez getting the rbi to score bellinger chase utley got a base it to load the bases and the dodgers had them full for matt kemp who has had just an incredible season unexpectedly returning to the dodgers to be an all star candidacy and camp who did not start tonight came onto pinch hit for caleb ferguson it'll be one decamp casella delivers fastball hit tepeto left feel forget it down the line if it's fair it's gone god a grand slam four pitch hitter met kim the second straight night the dodgers have hit a grand slam it is eight to two los angeles the last time a dodger hit a pinch hit grand slam was manny ramirez in two thousand nine against cincinnati for matt kemp is eighth career grand slam his seventh as a dodger in that puts him fourth all time in dodgers history as far as grand slams are concerned mike piazza had eight so did karl rillo gil hodges is the all time dodger leader in grand slams with fourteen as math kemp put this one away a grand slam off of gazelle men and the dodgers taking an eight to two lead at that point last pinch hit home run for kemp was in june of two thousand eleven against the rockies his first stint as a member of the dodgers and again la pinch hitters tonight combined for six runs batted in a five run eighth inning against robert casselman tonight and that really blew it open for la as they had a big lead the mets would just barely cut into it with jose bautista batting in the bottom of the eighth one swing on a drive.

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