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Hyman and that's pharmacy within F. F. A. R. MAC place for conversations and matter. And if you care about your happiness if you care about ending suffering for yourself and the world you're gonNA love this conversation with Deepak Chopra who I've known for a long time and has become a good friend and ah the first memory I have of sitting with you. We're really connected was. We're sitting at Ted Med about ten years ago. And we're with Andy Wild Donna Karen you me and a few others and we're sitting outside and it's beautiful San Diego weather and this bird flies over and craps on my ahead hit me and I'm like what does that mean it's a good sign. I'm like Okay God thank God you were there so you helped me not feel so bad about getting on this guy. He's the founder of the Chopra Foundation. Which is a nonprofit any for research on wellbeing and humanitarianism and choper global a modern day health company at the intersection of science and spirituality? He's a pioneer in integrative medicine personal transformation. His books were the my inspiration way back when in the early nineties when I started reading about his work now he's written ninety books. Oh my God I feel like a slacker. I'm only at eighteen. I got a long ways to go. Oh He's a clinical professor family medicine and Public Health at the University of California in San Diego and he's books are in forty. Three languages mini many New York Times bestsellers. I think twenty two and maybe twenty three. Now I don't know Who stops counting and WHO? He doesn't really care. That's what's amazing about deep Aqui. Like you know he's is probably one of the most well known figures in the world and he's humble. He doesn't quite understand who he is. He just kinda hangs out and just chill guide. He's always been incredibly supportive. Take me and my work and really doesn't walk around with a big ego which is unlike a lot of people in this field so I I really appreciate that about you deepak. He's been described by Time magazine as one of the top one hundred heroes and icons of the century not just the year the decade. So I I would agree with that. You've done a lot to bring our wariness about how we can think differently about our place here on the planet our role as humans. And your new book I really want to get into is seeing book. Book called Meta human unleashing infinite potential and is about moving beyond the boundaries and limitations of everyday reality is that limit our levels of success in happening happiness penis so most of us. Don't quite think about what we're here doing why we're here about our minds about our thoughts we sort of just go along merrily in this unconscious state and you're challenging us to think differently about how to look at life and how to look at being human. So how did you come up with this concept of Meta human and was interesting. What we think we are who we really are? So if you go on the Internet and you Google the following question question. What the hundred twenty-five open questions and signs The first question that will come up is what is the universe. Dismay of the second question that will come up is what's the biological basis of consciousness and then Trinity three others basically conscious. What does the to open questions at the top of the list was the universe is made up and what's the biological basis of consciousness? Now that's what led me to write the book to human let's address. Yes those two questions. What's the universe of the short answer is is made him nothing? The long answer is how do we don't and and so here. We go as counter intuitive. It's made him nothing. It seems like it's something right. We got this table here right if you can see it in touch it doesn't exist. So what is the universe made of seventy percent of the universe is mysterious doc energy which is a mathematical concept. a-plus proposed by Einstein called the cosmological constant and doc energy is supposedly expanding. The universe. Busted the speed of light so What is it? We don't know what it is but the universe the space between galaxies not the galaxies Alexy's themselves but the space between galaxies is expanding and it's expanding faster than the speed of Light Einstein. Actually once called it the biggest blunder of his life making that statement about the cosmological constant there are many problems that theory but but as it turns out the observation is correct. The space between galaxies is expanding faster than the speed of light and we have no idea way scientists. Call this dog g but it's not the usual energy that you and I know. EASY MC squared. It's not that it's something something totally different and we have no idea. I mean -plication keeps expanding and ultimately ultimately not implication of that where it's as expanse space expense so ultimately galaxies will disappear at some point in the future. But let's not worry about the main thing is we don't know what it this that leaves thirty percent of the universe remaining off that twenty six percent is another mysterious entity called dark matter. Why is it called dark matter? It's invisible what is it made of. We don't know one thing we do know is. It's not atomic so you you and I made out of atoms and stabilize made of atoms. The galaxies are made of items but whatever dot batteries. It's not atomic so you you can't interact with it. It doesn't absorb light. Reflect lighter emit light or do anything with lights exists. How do we know it exists? It doc counts for most of the gravity in the galaxy so most of the gravity in a galaxy. The scaffolding of Galaxy Galaxy is this supposed dark matter mathematical constant to fit the equations Amman physics. Yeah so now. You're left with four. Oh percent of the universe of which ninety nine point nine nine nine percent is invisible interstellar dust we see them so the visible universe I would just do trillion galaxies seven hundred sixty billion stars. And you know you can google this information on how to believe me. L. Games uh-huh two trillion galaxies. We live in the Milky Way Galaxy which has a hundred billion stars so now imagine agent seven hundred sixty billion stars. I don't know how to write that. But it's seventy zero zero then uncountable trillions of planets let's trillions of planets impact according to current science they could be forty billion habitable planets in just our own Milky Way Galaxy. So how do you know that would put these telescopes up their claims Watson telescope to look for biospheres a biosphere is to sustain life. So for blind is too close to its Sun. No Life Bar way too cold no life. It has to be within a specific zone. It's called the goldilocks zone. And so we happen to be lucky. Yeah Planet Earth is in the Golden Goalie Lock Zone but there could be forty billion others and therefore there are uncountable trillions of planets and that's point zero one percent percent of the universe that's atomic no of course as we know atoms made of particles and bodies have the schizophrenic nature. The Dave wave or particle particle has units of mass and energy. You can see it. A wave has no units of mass energy impact when the particle is not interacting with other particles or when it's not being observed or measured it does exist. Where is it what is it made of and the best onto you'll get is it's it's made possibilities then you say? Where are these possibilities? You know because otherwise. Waves Ocean waves made water. Ariza made of You're vibrating air. Molecules what are the waves that create the visible universe made of and the only is. He'll get his mirror possibilities. And then you said where do they exist. The best answer. You'll get is something all Hilbert space. Oh what is Hilbert. Space Hilbert name of a mathematician shouldn't and Hilbert space is zero dimensional space or infinite dimensional space. Take your pick. It's Mathematica ACL. In a describes the way function which means all the items in the universe shorting is way we quesion yeah ee still keep persisting where is in this happening and the on sale get from physicists. Today is shut up and calculate bottom line is we have no idea what the universe is made of the visible and the invisible. Of course we can comment on because we got interact with it. So that's the first open question. The second question pertains institutes good at his consciousness and dark matter empty space. Yeah but consciousness is what makes any experience audience possible including the knowledge of the universe. Okay how do you know anything exist. How do you know you exist? How do you know this microphone exists? How do you know all the galaxies exist because you conscious being for the more? You're a human being a mosquito doesn't have these issues okay. or an insect with one hundred is. It doesn't have these issues even the great apes have these issues. Only human beings asked these questions. So what's the basis of consciousness as you and I know having having trained in biology and medicine the brain candy explain consciousness it can only explain neural correlates of consciousness so brain does explain conscious experience but not what consciousness or awareness is and so we have the problem. We don't know what the Universe is made of. Secondly we don't know how we know that anything exists including the universe including or New York City. Yellow physical body are Mike. How're those theories are thoughts affect our way of being? What are the implications for? How do Jim if it affects our identity if you really understood your identity and you understood? Today's identity is based on physicality right. The world is physical. Michael made a matter. What I'm seeing in mid a human is matter is a superstition? There's no such thing in a matter is a human interpretation of human perception activity and perceptual. This is the hard problem of consciousness in science the heart problem consciousness. This only exists if you assume that the universe and you are physical but what we call physical reality including our body. He's actually a perceptual activity. Right if I substituted SORTA like Weinstein said realities allusion however persistent direct. I don't think he you what he was saying. Because I was naive realist. A naive realists means somebody who believes that the physical universe is exactly the way it looks as perceived by the five human senses. Obviously that's wrong. That's right because every species has his own experience right senses on our number one the principle of nave realism is gone. Rate the University of new exist as as we sit. There are multiple ways of seeing depending on the nervous system. You're using species Petra okay. The second principle of naive realism and Umbrian sitting Einstein was a naive realist. He was wrong about reality. The second principle things right things few mortars right not reality models of reality okay. So the second principle of naive realism is that the universe as we see it would exist if he would not dare.

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