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The Biden administration, Responding today to reports the Taliban says the U. S would cross a red line if American troops remained in Afghanistan after the August 31st deadline. Security on the ground is is risky and volatile, and we are not naive about that. We are very clear eyed about that. And that certainly is a factor as the president's considering the August 31st question and the timeline White House press secretary Jen Psaki. There are currently 6000 U. S service members in Kabul. Aiding in the evacuation of Americans, Afghan allies and those in danger from the Taliban. Emergency crews continue their search for a number of people missing after flooding caused by up to 17 inches of rain in central Tennessee. The rainfall, causing a tidal wave of water to rush through homes and businesses, with water swelling as high as eight ft in some areas. Catastrophic flooding, killing at least 22 people, while less than 10 remain unaccounted for. Fox's Charles Watson in Waverly, Tennessee. America's listening to Fox News Mhm from the Florida Central Credit Union Auto Loans Traffic Center. 75 is looking good, however, on Colbun to 75 the fourth Street exit ramp is closed plan to use the next active Dr MLK Street as a detour in Pasco County. At Little Road, We have a crash that didn't Avenue in the roadways. Lane blockage has been reported. There's a crash after highway 50 and lanes are blocking southbound US 19 in Springhill. Fredrick Morris News radio W F L A plenty of instability in the atmosphere making for a rainy evening. But tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with lows in the upper 70 79 around Tampa Bay, with winds moving in from the Southeast rain chances for our Tuesday will remain at 40% with a high of 90. Expect the storms to move in lead afternoon as we return to our typical summer like pattern by Wednesday, 40% chance of rainfall with the low of 77 to start off our day and by the late afternoon will warm up to 91 degrees for Max Defender. Eight. I'm Heather Melendez. When you hear that.

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