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There. More on the story from CBS News Bank of the Chicago Marathon has been canceled. This is any day in a local organization is hoping a name change in the NFL is just the start, and Chicago area leaders are taking note. And it's been a rough year for Illinois Farmers Market Watch style sneaks by closing up $10 on aspect, though, down 226 and I guess if he also down about 29 points, some shining clouds with arrested today Pleasant with a high of 84 inland upper seventies along the lakefront clear tonight between 58 68. It's 4 31 CBS News UPDATE California under a partial lock down again, as the state faces huge spikes in covert 19 cases, California Governor Gavin Newsom every county in the state of California. Impacted by requirement now to modify indoor operations into expand opportunities for outdoor operations, and there are now reports Texas is also considering new restrictions in New York City. For the first time since the crisis began. There was not a single cove in 19 death in a 24 hour period. Mayor Bill de Blasio says he cannot be happy. We look around the country and we see what so many other Americans, they're going through something other states and cities hurting so bad right now, so no one no one can celebrate. Dr. Anthony found Tuesday said the U. S. Made a strategic mistake. Months ago, We did not shut down entirely, and that's the reason why when we went up CBS News update. I'm Steve Futterman become news time for 30 to The news is sponsored by Grandview Homes. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has become the latest event to be cancelled due to health concerns over the Cove in 19 pandemic, Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski says. Runners, though, have the option to use their race fee. Next year 2021 2022 or even 2023 allows individuals to make adjustments in their schedule. If they maybe maybe this year is going to be challenging for them, they can. They can look at 21 or 22 were trying trying Teo to create some flexibility and access. The Bank of Bank of America. Chicago Marathon was scheduled for Sunday, October 11th Washington's NFL franchises, officially ditching its nickname that had many deemed offensive to native Rickon culture. Local organizations is hoping the changes don't stop there on the mascots, maybe intended to honor or celebrate Native American culture. Heather Miller with the American Indian Center of Chicago says they do quite the opposite when these mascots are being put in place. We were being attacked were being killed were being removed and we weren't allowed to practice our culture and our heritage. Miller says. The mascots have no place shed any level, whether it local high schools like Lane Tech or Chicago's professional teams. The Blackhawks came out and said, Oh, well, We're not changing because this is honoring a person. It's honoring a person from a specific grace. There's no need for race based mascots. When it comes to sparking change, Miller says standing up against racism is a start. Listening to and building relationships with the Native American community can also go a long way. Andy Day NewsRadio 105.9 FM. Well it's been another year of challenges for Illinois farmer When you were a farmer, you hope for average average rainfall, temperatures, yields and prices and Ron Frieder's with the DuPage County Farm Bureau tells us farmers in this area haven't seen that for what seems like years now, like every year is a different challenge our multiple challenges this year certainly Is one of those year Frieder's A farmer himself, has his wife, son and daughter in law help him with the fieldwork, corn and soybeans. He says Cove. It has been tough for those who work the land. A lot of what we grow goes into ethanol and with the covert that people weren't traveling mirrors might so gasoline production was way down. And so the ethanol used in the gasoline there was just no market for it, And a lot of the ethanol plant closed completely, plus restaurant closures didn't help, Frieder says. On the positive side, we just Starting to be harvested Corn is just starting to tassel and pollinate and looks good right now in the western suburbs. Jennifer Kipper NewsRadio 105.9. FM. What would be the nation's first federal execution in nearly 20 years is now on hold. A judge has ordered a new delay in federal executions just hours before 46 year old Daniel Lewis Lee was to die by lethal injection in a prison in Indiana. Lee was convicted in Arkansas of the 1996 killings of a gun dealer, his wife and her eight year old daughter. The Trump administration has pushed For resumption of federal executions, the last of which was in 2003. Jim Crew still a CBS News Well, there may be one more hurdle for Roger Stone to clear after President Trump's action to grant his longtime associate Clement Lighthouse, is the president commuted. Roger Stone sentenced last Friday, but the judge who oversaw his trial hasn't seen the paperwork. Judge Amy Berman Jackson his order that a copy of the executive order be presented to her by tomorrow, so she can determine whether Stone has to live by the conditions of supervised release, which would be overseen by a probation officer. Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS Washington The regulation of Uganda is to have no covert nurse Maria Helena says she and her colleagues panicked when they first heard of covert 19. But we're thinking, Oh my God, we're going to be the next day. But so far, she says no patients at her hospital have even tested. Positive for Cove it her explanation. We just think we have a bit of unexplained immunity to the disease Neck Atlanta theorize is that you can't unsee lots of organic food and are less prone to obesity and chronic health conditions. A W H O Expert,.

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