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And download a fully functional thirty day evaluation version anytime that you can yeah people people you know anyone who thinks you're you know unless they really obsessed with finding find a needle in a haystack dr people like that continuing relationship seriously consider the services they want to become a fisher as serious about their data and its management i think is one of the most important data management tools out there in my opinion and so i am a haystack found yes that's right looking in tudor finally let the software find adult you don't you do that all right so let's talk a little bit about something that has really driven this headlines particularly in here but it's going to happen it's already having an a ripple effect in the united states and california is talking about doing a similar law you know so if you're doing business in california beware and that's gdp are which is the general data protection legislation that the european community pass and now california talking about passing one of his own it all happened so quickly it happened months ago that the place and then all of a sudden american companies will became aware of all this could affect us and i think all women affect in may if i recall correctly and so explain a little bit would gdp are is and talk about it in the context of the use of of the search gdp are is fairly groundbreaking now i'm not gonna put myself force as an expert on pr because it is an e you law related to data for you customers but essentially it requires companies like facebook and google particularly to make sure that they treat data that they receive in the course of their searching and social media the online searching social media in a certain way now but for the rest of us basically it also has ramifications for the type of personal data that is stored inside of information and argue laws here basically encourage companies not to willy nilly have random credit cards available on there other networks they could be hacked yeah.

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