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Mercedes Benz of plano new Senator, Kennedy, pump wash give you some of the best gasoline prices after noon across North Texas to thirty eight in west Dallas at. The Conaco Fort Worth avenue and Westmoreland thirty. Nine in plano at the Murphy, USA seventy five near heritage. Drive and two dollars and forty cents a north Fort Worth at the. Costco Tom Ridge Parkway north Tarrant Parkway current local average, in North Texas two dollars and sixty. Cents, a major North Texas postal distribution hubs still closed after a has Matt spill and, that's interrupted some mail delivery distribution center in Capelle has been closed most of the. Week, after a package containing four gallons of mercury leaked the US postal service website says it's illegal to. Send anything with more than A trace amount of mercury through the mail although has Matt teams cleaned the Koppel center it. Will remain closed, until at least, the end of the week the, workers have been temporarily assigned to other locations the, postal service says, there may be some mail delivery delays, until the center reopens Cameron Fairchild NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD the grand opening of Texas live still a few hours away in Arlington KRLD's Andrew Greenstein getting some early access any joins us live with a preview good afternoon Andrew Good afternoon Chris this is another day where I get to make you. Very jealous of me what do you think of, that.

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