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Three five zero that's F. O. C. U. S. at three five zero three five zero to schedule your free consultation today radio one thousand eighty okay A. M. K. X. X. Y. FM ninety six point one two Oklahoma City a big win for Joe Biden in Oklahoma he won yesterday's presidential primary with about thirty eight percent of the democratic vote Bernie Sanders trailed with twenty five percent and Michael Bloomberg had about fourteen percent president trump easily swept the Republican primary with more than ninety two percent of the vote because of the new alcohol laws in Oklahoma residents can buy beer and wine at grocery convenience stores on Sundays yesterday voters in seven Oklahoma county said yes to allowing liquor stores to be open on Sundays voters in Cleveland creek king Fisher must gogi Oklahoma Tulsa and Washington counties went to the polls to decide the issue the proposition passed by overwhelming margins the state house sends the in god we trust builder the Senate the measure would require the national motto to be posted in most state buildings schools would not have to post it opponents say the bill would disenfranchise Oklahomans with diverse religious beliefs bill author house speaker Charles McCall calls it an homage to the country's history to mirror a new federal law the state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill to raise the minimum age in Oklahoma to buy tobacco products from eighteen to twenty one senator Greg McCartney of ada says healthcare professionals have long advocated raising the age limit to reduce smoking numbers it is in the long term will have really really get a fax for the health status of Oklahoma and Oklahomans in general so I think it's a win win on every month he says it's important for the state law to match the new federal law to avoid confusion or ambiguity of commerce man has pleaded guilty in federal court to distributing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine tells the U. S. Attorney Trent shores says thirty nine year old Jorge Marino was a high volume distributor earning profits from other people's addictions I'm Marco Moreno in other news to clear up any gray area in bills passed last year the state Senate yesterday passed a measure that clarifies cities and counties in Oklahoma do have the authority to regulate smoking or vaping medical marijuana in public it would not stop somebody say cancer patients from taking their medicine in a consumable form or edible form but they shouldn't be able to smoke that product was when you smoke the market actually takes a lot of people around you senator Lonnie Paxton of total authored the bill it now goes to the house and admin man has been arrested and charged with illegally smuggling guns and firearm parts to the Middle East U. S. attorney Timothy downing says fifty seven year old Randy Williams was paid more than twelve thousand dollars by someone in Sweden they sent packages to a recipient in Iraq the packages contained multiple Glock pistols parts and tools Williams faces up to ten years in prison if convicted and Oklahoma.

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