Body Composition Tracking: Why It's Important & What Metrics To Track


I think a good starting point years to really i decided. Okay what is it that you actually want to achieve right. I looking to become bigger looking to become slimmer or do wanna be more toned where he can really see the muscle definition clear separation of all muscle groups or even some daska. Laryea around your your arms beds even your apps and maybe of a specific shape goal even like around some body parts. I mean most people were of course lew stabia belly bird others have other issues. Maybe they wanna Wind their shoulders or the one a shape their butts in in a certain way and aesthetic society. They're also health among chevy goals. Right in deir. Daphne limits off. How can push yourself definitely getting slim For the most part also allows you to live longer but there are limits. You know like where you really got into bodybuilding territory which is no longer necessarily something that's going to increase your overall health long-term yeah because the metrics and methods that you use are basically dependent on by your goal is at the end of the bay right. That's right because you know like wait may may be less useful to somebody who has a specific shape goal for example. Because maybe they don't want to change the size change. Know that one body part where it says like incredibly more important for somebody trying to become slimmer right and i think that's why it's really important to figure out okay where he wannabe for most people. That is really like to become slimmer. And that's also what my own case had been. I want to become slimmer. Plus and that was more like the bonus i wanted to be more tones and i wanted to retain as much muscle mass as possible while they the metrics for you that that you were tracking yes so a bunch of different things and definitely not something that would recommend. Everybody should be trekking. And i'm going to outline which. I like the most important ones but i was first and foremost measuring my weight and that was something i was doing and still doing almost every day. Striking my body fat water levels bone mass my lean body mass and actually includes my bone mass and my circumference measurements and that was really all the measurements from my waist circumference to my chest to my shoulders to my upper arms laura arms thighs hips coughs and to some extent even neck but to a lesser extent. Because there was really not that important. I mean i haven't really seen laura people that care about the neck but i heard it's kind of important for some martial arts because it can kinda healthy to not get knocked out and fight for for instance but yeah i mean i wasn't really concerned for me and using shapes trekking my volume compartmentalized through different body parts. So i could kinda see where exactly my my size was changing. So where i was gaining size or losing inside the goal was re to lose mostly incised across the board

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