A highlight from Episode 203: The Apple Event 2021

Double Tap Canada


Hope your whole well. I've markopoulo job. Hello says well. Hello hello you becoming more scottish than me. Once as funny the other day. I was on the call to mark last. Nothing unusual i guess. That was an occult and The door had gone neighborhood but he kindly taking a parcel and Point modestly bucket. Back on the coal moses just became really scottish. they're really scottish. Like a i just remember when i was in scotland coming to setup All your equipment and just the restaurants. My wife and i went to and me half the time going. Yeah i i did think you uncharacteristic characteristically quiet just lack of understanding and no matter how many times people to say what did what did you say. Sorry pardon me. And i just didn't i just i mean i'm i'm surprised that i ate anything than mcdonalds and tim. Hortons said he's scottish. Gonna whether it was it was good. Oh well of course. We're here because it's apple event time speaking of time here the only reason able what time is it though. It's shortly after seven. Pm eastern our new time for double tap. Canada here on am i audio of. You're listening to the podcast will. Time doesn't matter. We are timeless forever. And here's the other thing. Is that our. Tv show has also changed times as well. So if you're looking for that i apologize.

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