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Our radio gallagher announced jilin mattering pelosi issuing a statement after tonight dinner with president trump to protect young people brought to the us illegally as children along with border security enhancements the white house now with a statement saying while dhaka and border security were bolkus caused excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to the calling in a constructive were looking dinner you would expect them to say that after a dinner like this also attending in addition of the president and these democratic leaders i'm told gary cohn and general john kelly of course chief economic adviser in the white house chief of staff that suggests the president was bringing some top officials to try and get some business done earlier today president had some rank and file democratic and republican lawmakers and one of them josh got highmore is the cochair of the problem solvers caucus he says that the president privas privately told these lawmakers that he and tried it one way early in his administration working only with republicans for the war for the most part and now is going to try something new reaching across the ioc has and henry at the white house the boyfriend of a pregnant maryland teacher missing for over a week under arrest monday tyler tests here appeared at a news conference in tears in holding the hands of her parents warrants for mr tests years arrest were obtained this afternoon and he was taken into custody at around five thirty p m this evening he's being charged with the murder of laura wallon montgomery county police chief tom manger walers body was found in a shallow grave the number of dead at a nursing home in hollywood florida a rising to eight after hurricane urban knocked out the building's air conditioning i think it is merging scandal of zhu in proportion s with eight deaths already florida democrat senator bill nelson fox news sara dallin today i consider myself luck man on the face we all know those iconic words spoken by seventy five years ago we all know the ball player durable ironhorse played in two thousand one hundred thirty consecutive games lou ended his speech with a message of hope given affair but i've got an awful lot deliver two years later the pride if the yankees died of the.

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