John Zmirak: George W Bush Equated Ashli Babbit With Jihadists


John's merrick. What's on your mind. Well i just finished reading the letter of ashley. Abbott's mother responding to george. W bush ashley bavin whose daughter answered george bush's call and joined the us and fought in iraq in our air force and then protested on january six. You know she committed a crime of trespassing. She climbed through someplace. It wasn't supposed to and the capitol. Police shot her dead. No she tried. She tried to climb through but she was murdered. by someone whose name. I guess. We're never going to know you know what maybe general milley can do. He could do us a solid and go behind the back of the Current fake president. And maybe he could get that name to us because he's a stand up guy. He cares about america. She was shot dead by a capital police officer. For no reason she wasn't carrying seven. She wasn't threatening anyone. And here. George w bush. The man who in a sense lured her into the us military. She signed up because of his war on terror. Here he is equating. Ashley babbitt to muhammad atta and all those other filthy jihadi psych psych of ads who attacked our hometown. I think it is for us to establish why we think this is such a despicable thing for the former president to have said it's deeply shameful. He seems to be in bed with whatever you call at the deep state i mean look. His father was cia. His father was as deep state president as it gets. But i really believe w was different from his father. Oh yes he appoints cheney and rumsfeld. But i did not believe because i thought this men's an evangelical christian he's from texas. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that would buy into that stuff. But then we see pictures of him and his father schmoozing with the clintons. Now pictures of him. You know hugging a barack and michelle and you begin to wonder where he's coming

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