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Thinks cool so yeah I pop on my men in black shades and we will give me a tote bag. I guess Tote totes so toting now. I grabbed the gloves okay so you you as you're passing by you. Hold on a second case lifts Ville usually like I said they're inside so I can't I tend to drop kicked it but there are there are hinges on one side. You're able to just lift it up. There's no kind of alarm or anything there's not even a latch and you lifted up and <hes> with with that off you can seize. See that <hes> when you when you pick the gloves off and initially when you had looked at them from from the outside of this thing it looked like they were just like glove forms in them they're actually hands in them and knowing that now looking at he's looking at all the others you can see. Each of these sets of gloves is a pair of hands that he's shop Toya gloves on that. They're ready to go I.

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