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To the thirty five angled out of bounds by Bradley Roby. Just inside the thirty five yard line to the thirty three. That'll be a gain of five and it sets up third down eleven to fifty to play first half seventeen to ten dead rats. The screen could be a great weapon against the fast defense. And then where do I screen? Why screen right? We're von Miller is because he's always going fast somewhere so screen into where he just bake aided. There was great pursuit by his defense on that score. Oprah four on third down the Seahawks. Five defensive backs for Denver on down at the thirty three yard line. Most shotgun snap five-man rush. Steps up in the pocket. It looks like Seattle got back on top of it and posted jumped on top of it the left part, but fun Miller absolutely up. Russell Wilson from his right shoulder. Chest into the side of Wilson. And that ball came loose and posted it there in field goal range for Janikowski, but fought biller with a drive of his day. And that's an underrated part of defensive lineman is his is because Russell Wilson climbed in the pocket and von Miller adjusted his pursuit on the fly without skipping a beat. And then blew what the quarterback. We have arrived at the two minute warning. Two minutes on the clock. And we will step aside. Denver for seventeen Seattle Ted. This is football Sunday on ESPN radio presented by vivid seats. A wedding is a beautiful thing as long as it doesn't fall on a Saturday during college football season. Those Saturdays are reserved for the union of two rivals a celebration of fans coming together to trash talk one another at Buffalo Wild Wings. We believe that a wedding planner needs to own a football calendar and our bars are full of beer-drinking wing eating fans to.

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